50% off Fish Food

We are changing suppliers of fish food and so are clearing space for the new stock by selling the existing products at HALF PRICE.

We have developed our business relationships with our suppliers over a nmumber of years to make the process of obtaining our customers’ products as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, occcssionally we have to change suppliers where the restocking process becomes an issue. There is nothing worse than customers coming in for stock that, for some reason beyond our control we are unable to get. Although we have used our current supplier of fish food for a number of years, the re-ordering process (never ideal) has become increasingly difficult and unreliable. A few months back I made the decision to change suppliers and we are now in a position to start stocking alternative products.

Fish Food

We are however a small shop with only so much shelf space so, in order to make room, we need to sell through our existing stock as quickly as possible. So we are putting all Natures Grub fish food on offer at 50% off, in store, for telephone orders and on line.

This fish food was very reasonably priced in the first place so now it is a real bargain. Just as and example, Algae Wafers 250g in Pets At Home are £14.99 but our 230g pot was only £9.99 but is now £4.99.

The Angell Pets Team

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