Five Stars For Angell Pets

5 star AAL licence

Pet shops have been required to have a licence to sell animals for years. Other establishments have also had licenced activities, such as Zoos, boarding establishments, animal display etc. Every year we have had to apply for a renewal, have an inspection and receive our licence. In October 2018 a new instrument was introduced, the Animal Activities Licence. The idea behind the change was to bring several licenced activities under one licence and to introduce a large number of changes, supposedly designed to improve animal welfare and also to try to stop the growing number of unlicenced, on line sellers of animals who, so far, had escaped any scrutiny and who were responsible for a lot of suffering.

The system for administering and issuing the new licence is the responsibility of the local council of the establishment applying. Ours falls under Gloucester City Council. The old licence was just pass or fail but the new one has different levels . We had our, now much more rigorous, inspection at the end of February. The new licence has a star rating award. The minimum of one star is awarded to establishments that are licenced but may have minor failings that need to be resolved or reported issues in the past or are new and so have no track record. It is only awarded annually, to check on progress. The ratings increase up to five stars for establishments that have been judged to be low risk due to their practices, procedures, qualifications and professionalism.
Our old pet shop licence expired at the end of December 2018 and we applied for the new AAL licence a little before the expiry date. I am very pleased to say, we have just been awared a Five Star Licence, the highest level acheivable.

This award comes after months of hard work by all of the team. All our staff are qualified to above the minimum standard required and most to a much higher level. We also have the benefit of having George as our technical adviser to oversee everything we have done and act as an expert in various fields of animal husbandry, having been through the process for other establishments. We have measured every enclosure, monitored all the required parameters (temperature, humidity, UVB output and lamp age, cleaning routine, feeding and watering schedules, health inspections etc. etc.). We have written procedures for everything from training, to cleaning, to emergencies such as power failure, fire and escape. All this has to be reviewed at least annually and daily records kept of every animal and enclosure, including where we got it, its health and welfare whilst in the shop and who we sold it to. All this information has to be kept and we must be able to produce it, on demand to the relevant authority for at least three years.

All this work obviously has a huge cost to a business such as ours, both in terms of staff time and equipment purchase. The offset of this cost should have been the shutting down of businesses that are flouting the law and not having to comply with any of these regulations or welfare demands and therefore selling animals “cheap”. Sometimes this is in poorly run, low grade pet shops but it is usually on line or in the local paper or even down the pub. Unfortunately we have yet to see this happen and there are sadly still some pretty poor shops just getting by on a one star licence and a plethora of unlicenced private breeders and sellers, who are running businesses but claiming it’s “just a hobby”. We wait to see if any change occurs here.

In the mean time, when considering buying an animal you should really make sure you are buying from a five star establishment. You can be confident that the animals are being looked after properly before you buy and you have recourse in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

You can also be confident it won’t have some of the nasty conditions we see when people bring in their animal that they bought elsewhere and then want our advice, either on how to look after it or what is wrong with it. This happens pretty much every week and is almost always an animal that has been bought on line or from a “breeder”. We do resist the temptation to just say “well, what did you expect”, as difficult as that is and do try to help as much as we can in the interest of the welfare of the animal but well… Put it this way, where would you rather buy your lunch, a five star rated food outlet or one of those illegal, unlicenced hot dog stands they have in London. You really shouldn’t complain about the food poisoning if you chose the latter.

So when you are looking for an animal, always check the licence status of the seller. As a condition of the licence the holder MUST display a reference, including the licence holders name and licence number wherever animals are offered for sale. That obviously includes the shop, where the licence MUST be on display but also any websites or pages. No licence displayed (with star rating) means no licence, so don’t buy. Oh and do check the number against the local authorities database, there is little to stop unscrupulous sellers putting up someone else’s number!

So congratulations to all the team involved in securing us this top level seal of approval. I know just how much work is involved behind the scenes getting us to this point and maintaining the standards we have set ourselves. In truth there were very few physical changes we had to make. The vast majority of our existing practices would have complied anyway as we have always tried to stay ahead of the field. Indeed we have previously been consulted on our procedures by other establishments during their own quest for a high level licence. Putting all we do into the required format for the new licence however was a lot of work, so well done everyone.

The “5 Star” Angell Pets Team

Special Deal On Complete Budgie Set Ups

We always have deals on complete set ups for all the animals we sell; reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, fish, invertebrates and birds. This month we have two extra special deals on budgie set ups.

On offer are two complete set ups including the following:-

We have one set up with the base stand shown above and one with the hanging stand shown below. All this for the incredible price of only £79.99. Please note we only sell enclosures appropriate for the bird or animal concerned, so these are the smallest cages we would sell for a budgie but are twice the size sold elsewhere for the same bird.

Of course we also stock set ups without stands, cages in black as well as white and other birds. So if you arleady have a place for the cage to go, or would prefer a canary , finches, cockatiels or something else we either have in stock, or can pre order, do come in and see what we have available.

The Angell Pets Team

Marvelous March Offers

Spring is here, although as I write this the temperature is dropping again after the warm end to February. Ho hum. Our March offers are now in store and also available on line. Last months offers proved very popular so make sure you get in early before we run out.

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Whimzee Toothbruch 150mm (Large) BUY 2 FOR £2.00 RRP £1.77 Each Only available in store or over the phone.

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The Angell Pets Team

Banded Water Snake Care Sheet

Sometimes there is just not room for a large vivarium suitable to house a larger snake. However there are a number of interesting snakes that would be suitable for smaller enclosures. Commonly available are Kenyan Sand Boas, Children’s Pythons, Western Hog Nose etc. The Banded Water Snake (also known as the Southern Water Snake) is an often overlooked alternative. We rarely stock them as we only stock captive bred animals and these are just not often available.

banded water snake

The banded water snake is an attractively patterned, non venomous, semi aquatic (in the wild), reasonably heavy bodied, although fairly short snake from some of the southern states of America. On average the snakes grow to just under a meter with the males a bit less and the females sometimes slightly more. It fills the niche occupied by the grass snake in the UK (and actually has similar colouration, especially the underside – although different patternation). It is semi aquatic, spending much of its active time around the banks and fringes of lakes and rivers where it commonly feeds on fish and amphibians. In captivity it will eat small rodents so don’t worry about feeding, you won’t have to get hold of frogs.


The UK regulations guidelines on housing for snakes suggest a vivarium length of not less than 2/3rds the adult length of the snake, so an 18 inch (45cm) minimum vivarium for a male or a 24 to 30 inch for a female. In the wild the banded water snake is semi aquatic. but this does not mean a semi aquatic vivarium is necessarily best for captive snakes. If you have the time (and money for kit) this would make an attractive set up but I would not recommend this for beginners, busy people or people on a budget. In an aquatic set up it is very important to keep the land area fairly dry to prevent scale rot, the air well ventilated and turning over regularly to prevent fungal growth and have a good filtration system for the water. Banded water snakes have a habit of defecating in the water. You will need a more efficient filter than you need for an equivalent sized fish tank. It would be more beneficial to the snake for most keepers to set up a terrestrial viv. using substrate suitable for increased humidity and have a larger than normal water dish, which would need refreshing daily. In this type of set up the snake will thrive but not be at risk of all the potential problems of the more complex semi aquatic vivarium. Glass vivariums (or terrariums if you like) are ideal as they will tolerate higher humidity without issue but wooden are fine as long as the ends of the panels are sealed and also the joints when assembled. This prevents moisture getting into the joints, vents etc. and causing the vivarium panels to “blow”.


As with most snakes UVB lighting is not really necessary for a banded water snake but a day/night cycle is and of course you will want to see it. There are various lighting options available and it depends a bit on how you are heating your viv. My preferred lighting would be an LED strip or screw in LED lamp. But other lamps will work (such as energy efficient lamps – the curly fluorescent ones that take an age to brighten up). Just remember that incandescent lamps (the old “light bulb” or “spot lamp”)and halogen lamps are inefficient at producing light and waste a lot of energy producing a lot of heat (which is why they are used for heating and for basking areas). There will need to be a method of controlling that heat (thermostat) and a guard to protect the snake from burning itself if you use this method, which is why I tend to avoid it now better methods are available. You can use incandescent to create a basking area for the snake if you wish but from experience this is not essential as long as you can maintain a good thermal gradient across the viv.


Banded water snakes are relatively small snakes so heating with a heat or “thermal” mat is fine. The snake will not grow large enough to cover the whole mat (and by doing so produce a phenomenon known as “thermal blocking”) and the heat will radiate and convect round the whole vivarium whilst still producing a “hot end”. Mounting the heat mat on the end wall of the vivarium rather than the floor produces a longer thermal gradient for the snake to enjoy and goes some way to preventing accidental damage to the mat by dropping something on it and inadvertently piecing it with a sharp piece of substrate. Not very likely but I have known two customers do this and it produces a lot of smoke as the hot spot this creates smoulders the viv. and/or substrate. An alternative would be to use an infra red lamp or a ceramic heat emitter and both would work well but you must also fit a heater cage to protect the snake from burning itself (unless of course the heater is above the mesh top of a glass vivarium).

Whichever heating system you use you will need a thermostat to control the temperature. If a heater fails the snake will be fine for a few days until you can replace it. If it gets too hot it could be dead in hours (it could even suffer nervous system damage within minutes if hot enough) so a thermostat is essential kit. The on/off thermostats used with heat mats are typically half the price of the pulse proportional or dimmer stats commonly used with heat emitters so this may influence your decision.

A hot end temperature of up to 30C with a low end of 24C is what to aim for.

banded water snake


As said, unless you have a bit of extra cash and the luxury of some extra time, I would not go down the semi aquatic route. A simple set up with a hot end, a cold end, substrate such as coir or orchid bark (or a mix or the two), a couple of hides at least, one with some damp moss under it to create an even more humid microclimate for shedding, a bit of decor to make it interesting to look at and a larger than average water bowl placed somewhere in the middle to help with humidity levels, a temperature gauge and a humidity gauge is all you need. The banded water snake does seem to enjoy a more crowded vivarium so use decor it can get under, hide in and explore. The good old skull ornament usually features in our set ups somewhere! Ideally humidity wants to be up to 60% and no lower than 40%.

If you do want to go for a semi aquatic set up it is vital that the barrier between the water and the land area is sealed properly to prevent the substrate getting water logged. If this happens it will lead to fungal growth (which can cause respiratory problems in snakes) and scale rot if there is nowhere dry for the banded water snake to hole up in. On top of that it will smell, as the lower levels become anoxic and the substrate starts to rot. The water will require a good filter to remove solids (waste from the snake and bits of substrate knocked in) and to provide a medium for the bacteria that eat ammonia and nitrite to live in (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter). A gravel bed will also provide extra surface area for bacterial growth. A few broad leaved plants in the water will provide cover and make it more likely the snake will use the water to explore. It will need to be treated like a fish tank; regular partial water changes and gravel cleans (in situ) and de-chlorinator will need to be added to any fresh tap water used (unless using rain water or RO water). Regularly check any wooden matter such as branches, including the reverse side, for any signs of mould or mildew. The snake itself will need to be monitored more closely to ensure it is not suffering from any of the problems associated with much higher humidity already mentioned. See why it may not be a good idea for a beginner?


Wild banded water snakes mainly eat small fish and amphibians. Wild caught specimens will tend to need this food, at least initially. This is another good reason to go for captive bred (and we only sell captive bred animals), aside from the ethical and health reasons (wild caught are likely to come with their own little cast of parasites and ailments). Captive bred snakes will eat defrosted mice (pinkies for hatchlings or very young snakes). A tip I read suggested that, as the snakes tend to hunt fish by corralling them in the shallows and then sticking their head amongst them and swiping round at anything that touched their necks, touching the snake on the side just behind the head will stimulate a feeding response. Now I always take things on the internet with a pinch of salt but I have tried this myself and it does work. Please note that it will be necessary to increase the size of the food as the snake grows. Seems obvious but I know of owners with two year old corn snakes still feeding pinkies because “that was what the shop told me to feed it”.


Banded water snakes generaly live to around 15 years.

The Angell Pets Team

February Offers

A little late this month but February’s discounts are now available in store and on line in our webstore. As always, with these prices we can run out of the special offer items, so do get your orders in quick. A short month this month too so even less time to grab a bargain.


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Eukanuba Adult

Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Large Breed Chicken 12kg ONLY £29.99 RRP £44.99


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The Angell Pets Team

Angell Pets New Year Offers

2019 is upon us and we have some great offers to start the year. Our regular prices usually beat our competitors anyway but with our monthly offers you can save even more. We’ve included a price comparison where possible to show you how much.

nature diet

Nature Diet Feel Good Chicken, Chicken and Lamb, Chicken and Turkey 390g only 85p each saving 55p on RRP. Pets At Home price £1.39 (our normal, non offer price is only £1.35).


Felix Multi Variety Pouches in Jelly 96 x 100g pouches for only £19.99 saving £8 on RRP Couldn’t find these packs locally but the cheapest I could see was two packs of 40 pouches for £20 in ASDA. You get an extra 16 pouches with our offer.


Burns “Free From” Range Duck and Potato 12kg only £39.99 saving an incredible £17.50 on RRP. Couldn’t find this anywhere to compare the price. However you could save even more by switching to APL Duck and Potato which is only £36.99 normal price.

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Iams Vitality Adult Large Breed 12kg only £22.99 saving £9 on RRP. Pets At Home price £30.99

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Bonio Original 12.5kg only £25.99 saving over £10 on RRP. Can’t find this locally.


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Sanicat Classic cat litter 30L only £8.99 saving £3 on RRP.  One of our most popular brands but I can’t find this locally.

tropical flake

King British Tropical Fish Food 55g only £3.75 saving 30%. Jolleys price £5.39.

flea clear

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bags on board

Bags On Board Poo Bag Rolls 120s patterned £3.49 or rainbow 60s only £2.79 saving 30%.  Again I couldn’t find this popular product locally

burgess excel

Burgess Excel 2kg with mint £3.79, new Indoor £1.5kg £3.99, saving 20%, Pets at Home price £5.99.

harringtons grain free

Harringtons Grain Free Chicken and veg and Salmon and veg 40g only £1.00. Pets At Home price £1.59.


Whiskas 2-12mths Kitten Pouches 12 x 100g pack only £2.99 saving 25%. ASDA price £3.75.

arden grange mini

Arden Grange Mini Adult 2kg in Chicken or Lamb only £6.99 saving 20%, Pets At Home price £9.49.

pedigree pouch

Pedigree Dog Pouches 40 for the price of 36 only £8.49 saving over £1 on RRP, Pets At Home price £11.29.

So some great savings and your don’t have to drive out to a retail park to get the deals. We have plenty of FREE parking at our Hucclecote shop

The Angell Pets Team

Angell Pets involvement in overseas conservation

We take animal welfare seriously at Angell Pets We follow the top industry standards with our own animals and give our customers the best available advice and information so they can do the same. We also have contributed to animal conservation and welfare at other establishments and around the world. Our staff have worked on a projects locally with the Gloucester Wildlife Trust, across the UK, such as encouraging the re-introduction of otters to Birmingham and for the last few years at various locations around the world.

angell pets conservation

Africa Nature Reserve

George Angell (familiar in the shop to many of our customers) left the UK to help with work on Assumption and Aldabra for SIF (Seychelles Island Federation). Having worked on Rhino conservation in Africa during university, he was keen to get involved as soon as possible. Initially landing on Mahe – the main island in the Seychelles, George worked for a few months on supporting Black Parrot conservation. This work was a long term project, continuing after George left that was recently declared a success. He moved on from Mahe to the main focus of his work on the Seychelles controlled Atolls of Adabra and Assumption. These islands are so remote, even from the Seychelles islands themselves, that travel there is not possible all year round, so George contributed to the Mahe project whilst waiting for transport to be available.


angell pets conservation


angell pets conservation


Aldabra is a world heritage site and as such is an important and therefore protected environment. Invasive species of birds had made it at least as far as Assumption Island (40 km from the coral atoll of Aldabra) and an E.U. funded project was in place to remove these birds before they got to Aldabra (and to check how many may have already have got there and remove them).

George left to assist with the removal of these birds, helping to protect this important and unique habitat. He also did his own research for his dissertation toward his higher degree on the work he will be involved in.

Aldabra and Assumption are extremely remote islands in the middle of the Indian ocean. Situated  1100km south west from the main Seychelles Islands, Assumption is only 11 square kilometres. The only population are the scientists George is joining who go by boat to study Aldabra and support staff who maintain the landing strip. He was not be able to get there until October as travel is not possible from the Seychelles island of Mahe until then.

Below is an extract from the project brief outlining why the work was important and what it was trying to achieve and George’s part in it.

Under the European Commission’s (EC) Thematic Programme for Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, including Energy, the Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF) is implementing a 4-year project entitled “Mainstreaming the management of invasive alien species to preserve the ecological integrity and enhance the resilience of Seychelles World Heritage Sites” (‘the Action’) which started in February 2011. The overall objective of the Action is to develop and implement a strategic programme applying the ecosystem approach to limit the spread and reduce the impact of invasive alien species (IAS) in Seychelles’ World Heritage Sites (WHS). The Action is being coordinated and implemented by SIF, in partnership with the Seychelles Environment Department (ED) and National Parks Authority (SNPA), and with project associates Islands Development Company (IDC) and Island Conservation Society (ICS).

Under the project’s specific objectives, an eradication of avian IAS from Assumption of the Red-Whiskered Bulbul Pycnonotus jocosus and the Madagascar Fody, Foudia madagascariensis is underway. Until recently, Aldabra was thought to be the largest island in the world with no introduced avian species but in 2012 both the Assumption introduced species have been observed in the eastern part of Aldabra. These species have long been considered the most severe threat to Aldabra’s avifauna, making their eradication an immediate conservation priority. SIF is therefore running two parallel bird eradications on these adjacent islands. Due to the unexpected invasion on Aldabra , more staff are being recruited to help ensure the success of these eradications.

Georges specific role in this project was as follows.

1. Eradication of all introduced birds from Assumption and Aldabra

2. Improved understanding of avian IAS ecology on Assumption and Aldabra

3. Continued trial of alternative eradication methods for invasive avian species

4. Elimination of the threat of avian invasive species to Aldabra’s ecosystem and outstanding universal values

5. Recommendations for restoration of avian fauna on Assumption

George’ duties also included catching their own food (to quote the organiser – “hope you like fish and rice”) and there were lots of opportunities to see the local marine life (he had invested in prescription scuba goggles). Fortunately he didn’t get to see some of it too closely (sharks, venomous snails, fish etc.) and got to meet the famous Aldabran Giant Tortoise  very up close and personal. Assumption has an air strip that has to be cleared of tortoises before supply planes can land and so they are not all as friendly as those on Aldabra. George can vouch for that having been chased by “Terry” who’s head came up to Georges hip! He also made a trip across the island to an abandoned unfinished hotel where he had to construct barriers across the door ways to try to keep the robber crabs (giant land crabs) out of the gear – they steal everything!

angell pets conservation

Fishing for dinner on Assumption

This, as you can imagine, was a sort after placement and George had to interview and compete to get the post. We were very pleased to be involved in such a globally important project and wish the team still on the islands every success in their continued efforts to protect our environment.

After completing his term on the SIF projects George returned to the UK to complete his  honours degree gaining a first. During this period he worked in the shop at weekends, providing our customers with the benefit of his growing knowledge base.

On completion of his degree he again looked about for conservation work around the world. There were a number of competing projects looked at, from  the Antarctic to the Galapagos. In the end he opted for New Zealand.

angell pets conservation

New Zealand Office

New Zealand is a group of islands with an endemic population of flora and fauna This means the animals and plants of New Zealand are found there and no where else in the world.

angell pets conservation

Walking The Trails

As these species have evolved in isolation, they are vulnerable to the introduction of invasive competing or predatory species from outside the islands. Since man has reached the islands there has been a decline of endemic species, from the now extinct Moa (a large flightless bird, hunted to extinction by the newly arrived Maori people) to the endangered Kiwis and Kakapo (smaller flightless birds, brought close to extinction by predators introduced by European settlers to control the rats and mice they had already accidently introduced from their ships and initial supplies). George was to become involved in the control and/or eradication of some of these invaders, such as the Australian brush tailed Possum, the European stoat, ferret and weasel to name but a few.

angell pets conservation

Time Off

He spent three years working towards the stated aim of New Zealand to become predator free by 2050 (with a couple of months out to train vultures in Spain to fly with tourist on paragliders!) As a falconer, he also captured, trained and released two Autralasian Swamp Harriers during his stay, being amongst a mere handful of people in the world licensed to do this.

angell pets conservation


After three years of this work George has returned to the UK where he is using his expertise to train upcoming animal carers, handlers and perhaps future conservationists at a college in Oxford. At the same time he is working for us back in the shop in Hucclecote on Saturdays where our customers can benefit from his knowledge and experience. We are very happy that Angell Pets staff are so involved in the promotion of animal welfare at such a range of levels, from giving advice on dog food to protecting some of the worlds most endangered species in the most hands on way possible.

angell pets conservation

Working Hard

angell pets conservation

Back Working In The Shop

So there it is. Just a little background on just one of the Angell Pets staff members. Perhaps I’ll do another log at some point on the relevant experience of the rest of us one day.

The Angell Pets Team

George Angell Back At Angell Pets

Unfortunately my spinal condition and associated complications has me currently disabled and unable to work and practically housebound. For the last month or two Billie has been running the business on her own carrying out all the shop duties (ordering, unloading deliveries and stocking shelves, serving customers, answering the phone, feeding, watering and cleaning all the animals, cleaning the shop, opening and closing etc.) as well as all the back office duties (banking, stock control, website management, supplier issues, finance, answering customer emails and social media enquiries etc.).

This month her brother, George, has returned from New Zealand and has agreed to help out by giving up his Saturday and a couple of evenings a week to take off some of the pressure.

Pet shop gloucester

Not only is this good news for us because of the extra pair of hands but we couldn’t have asked for a more qualified, experienced, expert person to step into the breach.

George has a first degree honours in Animal Science from UWE. During this study he won two awards, including top student. He has worked in the UK with a very wide variety of animals both his own and with a professional animal breeder and flown a variety of birds of prey. He has worked on a rhino reserve in South Africa, tracked king cobras in the Thai jungle (where he broke his collar bone – he always pushes things to the limit!), swam with whale sharks (but didn’t check his camera was charged) and worked on black parrot conservation on Mahe in the Seychelles and the Madagascan Fody on Assumption Island in the Indian Ocean during a year off from his degree.

He lived in New Zealand for three years (at one point working on “Mount Doom” from the Lord of The Rings – his “office”) and twice nearly fell off cliffs! He has been working on the conservation of New Zealand’s endemic fauna including Kiwis, Keas, Kakapo, Tuatara etc. and has worked with the Australasian Swamp Harrier, being one of the few people licensed to fly these birds in the world. He even took a few months out to train vultures for a new business venture in Spain. He recently returned to the UK to take up a full time post at an Oxford college to look after and expand their animal collection and to teach students in the handling and husbandry of these animals including reptiles and amphibians, mammals and birds.

So if you wish to buy an animal from people who really do have the qualifications, experience and expertise to give you the best advice on how to set up an animal’s enclosure and look after it for its lifetime, buying and keeping it in tip top condition; you will not find a team that can compete with Angell Pets. Our range of animals and products covers just about any animal suitable to be kept in captivity and extends to wild birds and wild animals and livestock such as chickens and ducks, goats and horses.

We hope you pop in and see us and once I get all this treatment out of the way I will be back too.

The Angell Pets Team

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Barking Heads Pooched Salmon (formally Fusspot) 2kg ONLY  RRP £12.99

Pedigree gravy bones

Pedigree Gravy Bones Original 1.5kg ONLY  RRP £5.75

Dentastix fresh

Pedigree Fresh Dentastix Small 28 Pack ONLY  RRP £7.80

Pedigree Fresh Dentastix Medium 28 Pack ONLY  RRP £9.08

Pedigree Fresh Dentastix Large 28 Pack ONLY  RRP £10.69

Burns weight control

Burns Weight Control 7.5kg ONLY  RRP £30.49


September Offers

Angell Pets September offers are now avaiable in store and on line. Some great offers again including Burgess Excel Guinea Pig & Rabbit Food!


Eukanuba Active Adult

Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Medium Chicken 12kg ONLY £33.99 RRP £44.99


TetraMin Tropical Fish Food 250ml ONLY £5.00 RRP £7.40

One Dose Size 3

Johnsons One Dose Wormer Dog Size 3 ONLY £6.99 RRP £7.99

One Dose Cat

Johnsons One Dose Wormer Cat 2 Tablets ONLY £5.99 RRP £6.99

Longevity Chicken

Hills Science Plan Mature Adult 7+ Longevity With Chicken 2kg ONLY £12.99 RRP £18.99

Hills Longevity Tuna

Hills Science Plan Mature Adult 7+ Longevity With Tuna 2kg ONLY £12.99 RRP £18.99

Animology Clean Sheets

Animology Clean Sheets 20’s ONLY £2.79 RRP £3.99

Animology Feline Fresh Wipes

Animology Feline Fresh Wipes 20’s ONLY £2.79 RRP £3.99

Burgess Excel Rabbit Adult

Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets 4kg ONLY £6.95 RRP £8.72

Burgess Excel Guinea Pig

Burgess Excel Adult Guinea Pig Niggets 4kg ONLY £9.29 RRP £11.65


Beaphar WORMclear Dog Up To 40kg ONLY £6.49 RRP £8.99

Coachies Adult

Coachies Adult 200g ONLY £1.99 RRP £2.69

Coachies Puppy

Coachies Puppy 200g ONLY £1.99 RRP £2.69

Vitakraft Honey

Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Sesame & Honey 2 Pack ONLY £1.65 RRP £2.20

Vitakraft Egg

Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Egg & Grass Seeds 2 Pack ONLY £1.65 RRP £2.20

Vitakraft Fruit

Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Apricot & Fig 2 Pack ONLY £1.65 RRP £2.20

Breederpack Cat

Breederpack Cat Crunchy Complete 15kg ONLY £18.99 RRP £24.49

Purina One Chicken

Purina One Cat Chicken 800g ONLY £3.25 RRP £5.29

Purina One Salmon

Purina One Cat Salmon 800g ONLY £3.25 RRP £5.29

Pro Plan Adult Chicken

ProPlan Dog Adult Medium Chicken 14kg ONLY £34.95 RRP £54.95

Whiskas Complete

Whiskas 1+ Complete Dry Food With Chicken 7kg ONLY £12.99 RRP £18.54

Pedigree Pouch Jelly

Pedigree Pouches Mixed Chunks In Jelly 40/36 Pack ONLY £8.49 RRP £9.63

Pedigree Pouch Gravy

Pedigree Pouches Mixed Chunks In Gravy 40/36 Pack ONLY £8.49 RRP £9.63

The Angell Pets Team