Corona Virus, Self Isolation And Stockpiling

We have noticed in the last couple of days that there has been an increase in sales to individual customers. Customers that usually buy one bag of dog food a month are buying two or three, customers that usually buy three boxes of locusts are getting six oir eight. Obviously this is so that if they are forced to self isolate in the event of them catching Corvid 19, they can be sure they have enough supplies in for their animals. Whilst this is understandable it has meant that some regular customers are finding that their normal supplies are not on the shelf when they need them and although it only takes us a few days to restock and we have no issues with any suppliers, it does lead to more people panickling that they are going to be without.

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In an attempt to both alleviate the need to “stock up” and to help out if any of our customers should actually need to self isolate (i.e. people that do have or are suspected to have the virus or vulnerable groups such as the elderly) we are introducing free home delivery for anyone who has had to go into quarantine. If you are genuinley having to self isolate and cannot get out to buy supplies, call us on 01452 501882. You can order and pay over the telephone (subject to a minimum order value of £10), we will then deliver to your house, give you a call to tell you we are there and leave the product at your door for you to collect when we have gone. No need for any contact.

Please note, this service is only for genuine cases of self isolation. We are a small family business and are not currently set up to do a full home delivery service at the moment due to my own on going health conditions. If you are not self isolating we have a large FREE carpark at our shop in Hucclecote. We just want to do our bit to help out those unable to make it to us because of the current Corona Virus situation and to reduce the impulse to bulk buy and spread the available supplies amongst all our customers. Thank you in advance for not abusing this service.

The Angell Pets Team

4 thoughts on “Corona Virus, Self Isolation And Stockpiling

  1. Hi Richard, thanks for your email. We are not needing to self-isolate and hope we won’t have to! And also we are not panic-buying but I was going to come in tomorrow to buy my usual 2 lots of the frozen lamb Nature’s Menu. Does this stock-piling mean you won’t have any, or if you have, would you be able to keep my usual 2 bags back for me to collect tomorrow, Tuesday? Obviously if you can’t do that, I’d understand but I still need it as I am slowly changing Leo over to your APL dog food, but if I do it too quickly he will get a runny tummy, so I still need the frozen food.
    Thanks if this is possible.
    Rachael Hyde.

    • We have one left at the moment so I will keep that by for you. We do have the Lamb & Chicken in the blocks if you need them

      Kind regards,
      Richard Angell

  2. This is a very smart and generous decision on your part to introduce free home delivery for those people who wish to isolate themselves. I think and as many experts predict this virus is not going away anytime soon so we will have to adjust our lives and businesses to this “new normal”. I think more people would be opting for home delivery in the times to come, to keep themselves safe.

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