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Angell Pets has a busy home delivery service as well as our bricks and mortar Gloucester pet shop. We have two routes for placing orders.

The easiest way to order from Angell Pets Gloucester pet shop is to just give us a call on 01452 501882 and place the order over the phone. Payment can be made by card over the telephone or, if it is a local FREE delivery, cash on delivery. Alternatively you can visit our on line Gloucester pet shop and place your order there. Obviously payment would be by card (or Paypal). A lot of our customers use the website to look at what we have and then place the order on the telephone which is great. The only down side to the website is that it is not possible for us to list everything we can get. So if you can’t see what you want please just give us a call.

We occasionally get a customer who wishes to place an order calling at my home (registered address of the limited company) or on my mobile. We would ask customers to refrain from this practice for a number of reasons.

First and foremost it disturbs others who are not part of the company and gets me in trouble! Also it relies on me then remembering the order, or not losing the piece of paper it was written down on. Anyone who knows me will understand how unreliable such a system would be. Add to that the poor reception in some locations for a mobile signal (the shop itself being the worst) and it becomes clear that the main shop number is the best to use. If we cannot get to the phone when you ring there is an answer phone but please make sure you leave a clear message with a number for us to call you back. We get quite a lot of “Its’s Bob, I want the usual” which we are unable to respond to (I know a lot of Bobs, Jaynes etc.).

We do like to provide an excellent service at our Gloucester Pet Shop and using the correct ordering channels helps us to do this and prevents disappointment and frustration.

The Angell Pets Team


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