Site hacked but now up and running again

Unfortunately this site was recently hacked by someone who considers it hilarious to redirect visitors (many of them children on these pages!) to porn sites. Oh, how every one laughed and I am sure the hacker’s kudos amongst his peer group went up no end when they saw how wonderfully witty he was. Obviously it could have been the porn sites themselves or someone working for them but I don’t think that makes them a better person really.

However just because he spends all his time surfing for porn, it doesn’t mean the rest of us want to. So we have removed the spam redirects and cleaned up the pages, restored our own content and brought the site back on line with some additional security features to try to prevent a re-occurrence. That’s probably impossible, these hackers seem to have much more time on their hands than I┬ádo (yes I am aware that the “work” is done by programmes that scan the web for sites to attack), I’m too busy trying to make an honest living but we will do our best.

It will probably take a couple of weeks for the Google warning “This site has been hacked” to come off our listing but the review process is in hand.

If these morons would spend as much time trying to create something worthwhile, rather than destroying someone else’s work I am sure the world would be a better place but then you can’t cure stupid.

The Angell Pets Team

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