James Wellbeloved 10% off as well now.

James Wellbeloved dog cat and ferret food is now 10% off in store and on line. This is and extension of the 10% discount on Royal Canin and runs until the end of April.

James Wellbeloved cat

This offer is for ALL James Wellbeloved dog food and ALL James Wellbeloved cat food in the range as well as James Wellbeloved ferret food. If you cannot see your breed size or particular product listed just call us and ask. We can still order it in for you at this discounted rate.

james wellbeloved dog


Don’t forget that local deliveries are completley FREE and online orders to further afield are FREE for orders over £100. As well as the James Wellbeloved dog, cat and ferret food we currrently list nearly 8000 lines of food, equipment and accessories for all sorts of pets so you can do all your shopping in one place. This range is also growing on a daily basis so keep your eye out for new deals.

james wellbeloved ferret


Online pet store launched today

Online pet store for all your pet supply needs with a company you can trust.

We have been working on providing an online pet store service for our customers who live too far away to make it into our store but still want to use a pet shop with a reputation for caring for our customers animals. The site was launched today.

online pet store


Orders generated from our online pet store will be received in our Gloucester pet shop and picked and packed by our experienced staff from our shop stock (not from a warehouse by a nameless picker on minumum wage with no interest in your order). Orders will then be dispatched the next morning by one of our couriers.

The online pet store site is new and still needs alot of tinkering, more photos, some technical changes to the price displays etc. but it is now live and reporting to our shop system. Some stuff might move around the site as these changes are put in place but the main structure is there.

One thing you will quickly notice is that livestock can’t be purchased with a “click” of the mouse from our online pet store. We strongly believe that buying an animal needs a proper dialogue between the seller and the buyer. If you select livestock you will be directed to call us to discuss the sale. The on line pet store site will however let you know just what we have in stock and some of what we can get.

Our range is large and getting larger every day. My next task is to get all of the stock in the shop on the online pet store site. All of our main sellers are there but we have a lot of other stock that we order less frequently still to be put on, so if you can’t find what you want this week, check back as it may just suddenly appear. Of course you can always give us a ring and we can get in what you need (if we don’t already have it).

We pride ourselves that we stock all the good big brands and a lot of smaller brands that you may not see elsewhere. You may find us light on some of the  “supermarket brands” on our online pet store. This is because we stock products that offer quality at good prices. Low quality products that in many cases do not suit the animal are not what we are about. We do have a couple of the obvious ones but that’s just so we can ask the customer that comes in why they are using such a product and then help them find a better, often cheaper alternative.

So have a look round, contact us if you need clarification on a product before buying and enjoy our new online pet store.


The Angell Pets Team

Angell Pet dog food offer (and cat)

Angell Pet dog food has been rebranded. We now sell our own range of dog, cat, small animal, ferret and fish foods under the brand name APL (TM). The food is exactly the same, just branded with a new logo.

The new Angell pet logo APL looks very similar to our old one but without reference to Angell Pet. The whole Angell Pet branding is designed to look familiar to our existing customers but to remove any confusion with any other suppliers products. We don’t want anymore unfortunate customers trying to deal with another company confusing us with them. Angell Pets prides itself on good customer service and the rebranding is designed to help with that.

Angell Pet dog food

New APL branding

To use up the stock with the old brand labels on we are putting them on offer at 10% off, whilst stocks last. Any bags of any of our own brand food with the new logo obscuring the old is yours for 10% off. However you will need to act fast to take advantage of the Angell Pet offer. Our own brand food is very popular normally so will not hang around long at discounted prices.

Angell Pet dog food

10% off

Visit Angell Pets to get your reduced price bag of Angell pet own brand dog, cat, ferret, small animal or pond fish food. Once the old labels are gone they are back to the old excellent low prices.


Pet shop Gloucester pet foods

We are pleased to announce the launch of our own range of pet shop Gloucester pet foods.

Initially the range includes dog food (puppy, adult and senior), cat food (kitten, adult), ferret food and pond food. We hope to increase this range in the very near future. At present the price list is as follows:-

  • Puppy 2.5kg £6.49, 7.5kg £18.99, 12kg £28.99
  • Adult lamb and rice 2.5kg £6.49, 7.5kg £18.99, 12kg £28.99
  • Adult chicken and rice 2.5kg £6.49, 7.5kg £18.99, 12kg £28.99
  • Senior 2.5kg £6.49, 7.5kg £18.99, 12kg £28.99
  • Kitten 2kg £6.49
  • Adult cat chicken 2kg £5.99
  • Adult cat salmon 2kg £5.99
  • Ferret 2kg £7.49
  • Pond food 4kg tub £12.99


These prices compare very favourably with Burns and Wellbeloved. Price per kilo, the comparison is as follows:-

  • APL lamb and rice £2.41/kg (12kg bag)
  • Burns lamb and rice  £3.14/kg (15kg bag)
  • James Wellbeloved lamb and rice £3.33/kg (15kg bag)


  • APL chicken cat £2.99/kg (2kg bag)
  • Burns chicken cat £4.24/kg (2kg bag)
  • James Wellbeloved turkey cat £7.39/kg (currently on offer at £9.99 a bag so £5/kg) (2kg bag)


  • APL ferret £3.75/kg (2kg bag)
  • James Wellbeloved ferret £4.50/kg (2kg bag)


  • APL staple pond food £3.24/kg (4kg tub)
  • King British £11.42 (1.75kg bag)
  • Tetra pond sticks £17.20/kg (5kg tub)


Prices even compare well with lower quality foods too.

  • APL lamb and rice £2.41/kg (12kg bag)
  • Skinners turkey and rice £2.22/kg (15kg bag)

A difference of only 19p/kg for a superior quality food.

We have samples of our pet shop Gloucester foods for you to try for free if you like, just ask at the counter.

The Angell Pets Team