Hills Feline 10% off throughout January.

Hills Feline cat food is now 10% off for all of January. This discount is for all we have in stock plus any we have to order in. So you still get your discount even if we run out in store.

Hills Feline

These are the lines we usually have in stock….

Hills Feline Kitten Tuna

Hills Feline Kitten Chicken

Hill Feline Adult Chicken

Hills Feline Adult Tuna

Hills Feline Adult Rabbit

Hills Feline Adult Light Chicken

Hills Feline Adult Light Tuna

Hills Feline Mature Chicken

Hills Feline Mature Tuna

Hills Feline Mature Light Chicken

Hills Feline Oral Care Chicken

Hills Feline Hairball Control

Hills Feline Mature Hairball Control

Of course all these discount qualify for FREE local delivery to Gloucester, Cheltenham and Painswick. (FREE local delivery is available on orders made on line, over the telephone or in store).

Other flavours and sizes of the Hills Feline range are available to order at 10% off.

The Angell Pets Team



September offers and discounts

Discounts and offers available at Angell Pets throughout September (plus a couple of extras!)

We have loads of fantastic special offers in store and online now.

Dsicount pet food

Aquarian Tropical Flake 50g only £4.95
Tetra Goldfish Flake 52g only £2.99
Pointer Treats 500g 2 for £2.50
All these offers last until the end of September.
Whilst stocks last we also have Pedigree Dentasix Medium dog for only £9.99 for 56 and James Wellbeloved Puppy Duck and Rice 2kg for 20% off.
We also have one BIORB 30L left at 20% off. This is the last one at this fantastic price.

So grab you discounts whilst you can in store, over the telephone or online. FREE local delivery to Gloucester and Cheltenaham available.

The Angell Pets Team

Natures Menu frozen food now in stock

Natures Menu raw foods are now in stock. Natures Menu ready made meals or raw meat packs are now avaiable at competetive prices. Here are a couple of excerpts from the Natures Menu preamble to what the product is and why feeding raw food is good for your animal.

“Natures Menu are proud to be the leading experts in natural and raw dog and cat food. Turning to mother nature for its unrivalled recipes, answers to common well-being issues and a happier, more content pet.
Our range of complete and balanced raw meals for dogs provide a convenient and simple way to feed your dog a healthy raw diet every day.
With over 30 years of knowledge and expertise making raw and natural pet foods Natures Menu can assure the highest level of safety, palatability and nutrition, creating foods that nourish your dog holistically on all levels; mind, body and soul.

Option 1: Feed your pet our complete and balanced raw meals range. We have currently 8 Natures Menu varieties, 4 of those are grain free.

Option 2: You make the raw meals up for yourself at home using a variety of ingredients of Meat, Meaty Bones, Ground Fruit and Vegetables and for some dogs(never cats), a non starchy grain.

Natures Menu

Dogs and cats are hunters and the basis of their teeth structure, jaws, stomach acid ph and whole digestive system is designed specifically to deal with lots of juicy meat and raw bones. Dogs and cats are carnivores who have evolved to eat a meat and bone based diet. Today there is an abundance of dry extruded and other industrially processed petfood on the market. This may be convenient, but is light years away from the food which nature intended dogs and cats to eat. Biology is a science itself and on a biological level your pet’s body is designed and has evolved to, digest raw foods quality proteins rather than processed cooked proteins and grains.
These are some basic natural rules to keeping your pet dog or cat happy and content:

  • A variety of diverse ingredients will supply your pet with an abundance of natural nutrients
  • Fresh meat protein will always be better than processed proteins and where possible, fresh protein should be the main protein source. Protein derived from meat meals or meat and bone meals is a food by product and we recommend where ever possible avoiding heavily processed proteins. Check the packaging on your pet food to see if it includes real fresh meat protein.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables provide an abundance of natural vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which are essential to maintain your pet in the best health. Fresh peas, carrots, swede, sweet potato, apples, blue berries and lots more great ingredients are all used in Natures Menu foods and locally sourced wherever possible.
  • Low starch carbohydrates or single source carbohydrates are much better for your dog’s digestion than highly processed heat treated grains. All of the Natures Menu products are wheat free and wheat gluten free. Parboiled rice is the only grain used instead and many of the Natures Menu products are totally grain free. We believe a small amount of boiled rice with some chicken or other real meat protein, mixed with fresh vegetables and fruits creates a full balanced meal for many dogs with totally balanced nutrition.
  • Dogs and cats thrive on quality foods and deserve more than just a bowl of dry cereal and water each day

The Raw Feeding Way Raw Feeding is also often referred to as B.A.R.F feeding which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods a way of feeding which is fully in tune with what nature intended for your pet. The ‘holistic’ or ‘natural’ pet food sold to us by todays marketing companies is a far cry from what you would expect your dog or cat to search for in the wild. When was the last time you saw a wolf taking a bag of dry pet food back to the lair? Biologically appropriate food has been developed for owners who appreciate that their dog or cat can’t hunt for themselves, as they would in the wild.
Fresh raw meals are the appropriate food for your dog and cat and by bringing them back to nature.  You are feeding a diet that they have naturally evolved to eat. Whilst this diet concept might seem worlds away from the television or media messages pumped out by the big advertising budgets of multi-national petfood companies, that you have come to understand and trust. Do some simple homework and take the time to search for Raw Feeding to learn what’s really best for your dog or cat.
Mother Nature Knows Best At Natures Menu we know what real food really is and a simple check you can do at home with your dog or cat is – take some fresh pieces of meat in one bowl and some processed food in another. Make both bowls available for your dog or cat at feeding time and see which bowl is chosen first. The natural instincts of your dog or cat should always win through. ”

Pop in and see us and give Natures Menu raw a try. Here are our prices.

Natures Menu Freeflow tripe mince 2kg – £4.45

Natures Menu Freeflow chicken mince 2kg – £4

Natures Menu Freeflow lamb mince 2kg – £4.25

Nature Menu tripe 300g – £9.48 pack of 12 or 88p each

Natures Menu tripe and chicken – £9.48 pack of 12 or 88p each

Natures Menu lamb dinner- £9.48 pack of 12 or 88p each

Natures Menu chicken and salmon –  £9.48 pack of 12 or 88p each

Natures Menu banquet nuggets 1kg – £2.95

Natures Menu chicken and trip nuggets 1kg – £2.80

Natures Menu chicken and tripe mince 400g – £10.08 pack of 12 or 90p each

This is our first order of Natures Menu. We will be increasing the Natures menu range with each order as we receive feedback from our customers so watch this space.

Angell Pet dog food offer (and cat)

Angell Pet dog food has been rebranded. We now sell our own range of dog, cat, small animal, ferret and fish foods under the brand name APL (TM). The food is exactly the same, just branded with a new logo.

The new Angell pet logo APL looks very similar to our old one but without reference to Angell Pet. The whole Angell Pet branding is designed to look familiar to our existing customers but to remove any confusion with any other suppliers products. We don’t want anymore unfortunate customers trying to deal with another company confusing us with them. Angell Pets prides itself on good customer service and the rebranding is designed to help with that.

Angell Pet dog food

New APL branding

To use up the stock with the old brand labels on we are putting them on offer at 10% off, whilst stocks last. Any bags of any of our own brand food with the new logo obscuring the old is yours for 10% off. However you will need to act fast to take advantage of the Angell Pet offer. Our own brand food is very popular normally so will not hang around long at discounted prices.

Angell Pet dog food

10% off

Visit Angell Pets to get your reduced price bag of Angell pet own brand dog, cat, ferret, small animal or pond fish food. Once the old labels are gone they are back to the old excellent low prices.


Pet Shop Gloucester now stocks Canagan dog food

Pet shop Gloucester  We have stocked what is in our opinion the best dog food available, Orijen (and Acana) for several years now.

We still hold that this is the best quality food you can feed you dog (and cat) without the mess, hassle and cost of feeding a raw BARF diet. However we have suffered some serious supply issues over the last four or five months that still have yet to be resolved. This has led to us being out of stock in our pet shop Gloucester of one or two items when our customers needed them. This si not a situation we could allow to continue. On top of this we have also been informed of a significant price increase from the manufacturers. This has been blamed on rising costs of ingredient but interestingly coincides with the inclusion in the new recipe of cheaper ingredients (offal). Again we feel, as a responsible supplier, that we must do something to offer our customers a choice. Do they continue with Orijen and Acana and risk further or future supply issues (the food comes from Canada and is shipped over in containers, with all the potential for something to go wrong) or switch to a British made food.

pet shop Gloucester, Orijen

We have been searching for an alternative British product of the same quality. Unfortunately this does not exist. There is not a manufacturer in the UK capable of making food to the exacting standards of Orijen with the same top quality ingredients. however there is now a UK made (and mainly sourced) food that comes very close.

We now stock Canagan dog food in our pet shop Gloucester. This is a freshly prepared food (Orinen is made from 50% fresh ingredients) that is similar in quality and ingredients. It is 60/40% meat to vegetables (the same as Acana) whereas Orijen is 80/20% so it should suit those dogs that Orijen was just too rich for. It is also less expensive than the new priced Orijen. As a comparison Orijen (at the new price soon to come into force) will be £5.31/kg whereas the equivalent Canagan will be £4.49 (this is after their most recent price increase that comes into force today).

Pet Shop Gloucester, Canagan

Canagan is UK manufactured and the vast majority of the ingredients are UK sourced (all the meat). We stock a full range of sizes and flavours in our pet shop Gloucester. If you wish to feed your dog a good quality (not like the cheap copies – another one of which I have just been offered as I sit and write this), grain free, natural diet but cannot afford the latest price increase from Orijen and Acana or risk intermittent supplies then Canagan is the food for you. We also have some special introductory offers available to anyone trying it for the first time (£5 and £10 vouchers)

We will of course continue to stock Orijen and Acana in our pet shop Gloucester, they remain the very best quality foods on offer anywhere.


The Angell Pets Team

Is your dog/cat fat? You’re not the only one.

There is growing evidence that the behavioural patterns of our pets are changing alongside the behaviour of the owners. Human obesity is rising and so is obesity in dogs and cats. Why is this?

Research is showing that in dogs, behaviour is reflecting that of people in general. We and our dogs are becoming less active. 10 years ago the majority of dogs were ranked as active. Now the majority are ranked as inactive. However there is more to it than that. Cats are also becoming generally larger. It has been shown that the daily energy requirements of both have fallen yet the energy intake is rising. A lot of this is down to a change in attitude toward pets. Not that long ago pets were considered as an adjunct to the family, lots of people had them but they were always a seperate entity. Nowadays more and more of us consider and treat our pets as members of the family. Just look at Christmas time. Years ago it would be considered normal to buy a gift for your children but a bit odd to buy one for your dog. Now most people would consider it the norm and in my house I would be in a lot of trouble if I didn’t get the dogs something. We are tending to treat the pet as we would treat our kids and this is not always good for the animal.

One of the commonest mistakes people make with their pet is assuming the pet will regulate its own intake of food. They will not. We are sadly familiar with documentaries from the USA about super-sized people that can no longer even get out of bed. Often the parents of these individuals are seen making statements such as “He just can’t lose weight, I hate seeing him like this!”. Well he can no longer get out of bed so he is entirely dependant on you for his food intake. If you don’t give him the food he can’t eat it. The same is true for our dogs and cats. If they are overweight it is because we have fed them too much.

Unfortunately most people are unaware of the feeding guidelines for their animal even though they are there on the reverse of the bag. Also many people like to give their pet treats. This is fine, as long as the equivalent amount of food is removed from their normal meals but this rarely happens. Many of the cheaper treats are very high in fats and sugars. Most of us would consciously monitor how many sweets our kids were eating but not even think about what we were giving to the pet.

On top of the “human error” factors there are other changes in pet care that are also contributing to obesity.

Neutering increases the risk of obesity in cats and dogs; they slow down and their bodies change (hormone reduction). 54% of dogs and 92% of cats are neutered in the UK.

Age plays a part. As a dog or cat gets older they are no longer growing and their activity naturally reduces so their energy requirements go down and so should their calorie intake.

Indoor cats are far less active than outdoor ones so should be fed on lower calorie food or just fed less.

Medication can increase the risk of obesity by increasing the appetite (steroids) or slowing the metabolism.

Other animals in the house can actually reduce the risk. One or two cats have an increased risk of obesity, three to six in a house reduces risk as does sharing a house with a dog. I wonder why? Any cat sharing a house with my dog would have the physique of an Olympic athlete!

If you answer yes to too many questions in the first list below and no to too many in the second list you probably have an overweight pet. The good news is that doing something about it is easy. You just have to change your ways. Less energy in, more energy out reduces weight. More energy in, less out increases weight and you are the arbiter. Fortunately it is all our fault, as this means we can do something about it.

  • Do you put off walking the dog when you are tired/the weather’s not the best/ you’ve got too much on?
  • Do you just fill the dogs bowl with food a couple of times a day without reference to the feeding guidelines or without measuring the feed quantity?
  • Do you keep refilling the cats bowl whenever it’s empty (free feeding) ?
  • Do you treat your pet to “a bit off my plate, he likes to eat what I am having”?
  • Is your pet neutered?
  • Is your pet being treated with medication such as steroids?
  • Is your pet getting older but you are still feeding the same amount of the same food?
  • Do you give your dog/cat a treat when you go out/ come in/ go to bed/ get up in the morning/ are eating your meal/ as a reward for good behaviour/when you notice him looking puppy/kittie eyed at you etc. but you forget to reduce his food intake to compensate?
  • Does your cat hunt the local wildlife and then come home to be fed?
  • Is someone else feeding your cat as well? (Don’t you stop or reduce feeding but ask them to stop, or you will lose your cat to them)


  • Do you exercise your dog for at least an hour a day (vigorous walk as a minimum)
  • Do you stick rigorously to the feeding guidelines on the pet food packaging?
  • Does your cat get outside much?
  • Do you have plenty of activities for your indoor cat?
  • Is you dog/cat still in a growing stage and if not have you reduced its food intake?
  • Do you have a dog as well as a cat or have a few animals?
  • Do you have a busy, active house?
  • Do you use low calorie treats for you pet and avoid the cheap supermarket types?
  • Do you use a food with low GI index fillers (potatoes or oats instead of wheat etc.)
  • Have you checked the feeding guidelines lately to see if they have changed? (Some have reduced to fit the changes in pet behaviour)

Don’t worry if you have answered yes to one or two you know you shouldn’t have or no to some you should have said yes to. We all do it a bit. Just make sure you don’t give too many wrong answers or your pet will suffer. Obesity increases the risk of heart disease, liver problems, joint problems, urinary and bladder problems, diabetes and a reduction in overall lifespan and as the pet owners we are totally responsible. Of course obesity also increases the vets bill!

Obesity is a growing problem, my vet is so sick of seeing overweight dogs she says she greets 80% of owners in the consulting room with a “Before we go on, your dog is fat – read this” and hands them a leaflet on obesity before even asking what is wrong. She says it’s like a breath of fresh air when someone comes in with a dog that is in good condition and she doesn’t have to give the “fat” talk.

How do you tell if your dog is getting overweight? It is harder than you think. When the majority of dogs are overweight, comparing yours to others is just not that helpful. I even look trim next to some people. There are some things you can easily check though.

  • A dog/cat should have a definable waist.

pet shop gloucester advice

  • You should be able to see (or feel in very bushy haired dogs) about three vertebrae above the hips.

pet shop gloucester advice

  • You should see or feel (on longer haired dogs) the faint outline of the ribs (obviously they shouldn’t be standing proud).

pet shop gloucester advice

  • From the side, the belly line should tuck up behind the chest, not continue straight or worse hang down.

pet shop gloucester advice

  • From above, the side lines should tuck in behind the chest before flaring out around the hips, not continue straight or be round like a barrel.
  • If your animal is barrel shaped it is definitely overweight.

For any advice on gauging your dog or cats overall condition or on helping to lose weight please do not hesitate to call in and speak to us.

The Angell Pets Team