Temporary Suspension of Free Local Delivery Service

Unfortunately, due to ill health we are having to temporarily suspend our popular free local delivery service with immediate effect.

Whist carrying out remedial works to our old property, prior to leaving I developed a few symptoms in my legs that have progressively worsened over the last few months during the move. After being persuaded by the family to get it checked out I have been informed that I have some rather serious damage to my spine that is going to require surgery. So, for the time being I have been forbidden to lift or carry anything and will not be able to for a few months after the required surgery.

I appreciate that the service is relied on by many customers but the injury is such that it could suddenly become life changing. I hope everyone understands that I cannot take that chance and need to have the surgery ASAP to prevent that happening. In fact the doctor originally told me I had to go in that night when she saw the results of the scan, so it’s quite bad.

We do have one or two disabled customers that cannot make it into the shop and we have taken steps to ensure these few customers can still receive their deliveries but as this is in Billie’s little Ka we can only do this for a select few who really can’t get to us.

We have a few deliveries already booked for this week and these will still be done by Billie but that will be it for a few months at least.

Sorry for the inconvenience but we now have a large car park and are much more accessible for most customers to collect in store. I have also changed the website this morning from the free local delivery option to collect in store, so customers that like to place their orders on line still can.

The Angell Pets Team

5 thoughts on “Temporary Suspension of Free Local Delivery Service

  1. So sorry to hear this and wishing you well for your op. No problem for Jon to pick up orders from your local shop. Speedy recovery.

  2. Hoping the surgery goes well and wishing you a good recovery but you’ve got to take the time for your body to heal. No rushing back. Good Luck!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your sad news, this has really freaked me out as have a spinal injury that wasn’t picked up intime and I’ve been left with permanent damage, so I totally understand how important it is to get surgery, take care of yourself.
    Sarah & Claire.

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