The Best Pet Shop In Gloucester

The Best Pet Shop In Gloucester – My Review 2012

How do you select the Best Pet Shop in Gloucester, or anywhere else for that matter? There are five main points you should consider.

Five points to consider to select the best pet shop in Gloucester

  1. The Best Pet Shop in Gloucester, what does it look like? If the shop looks empty and shabby, it’s probably like that for a reason. Maybe the owner does not have enough turnover (i.e. customers) to be able to afford to stock the shop. The only reason for that is poor customer service, the’ve lost all their customers for one reason or another – the ways of providing poor service are too numerous to list here but I’m sure you have experienced a few in the past if your experiences or retail in this country are anything like mine. Maybe the owner has just lost interest in his business, it happens sadly. It can’t be The Best Pet Shop in Gloucester. Turn around and walk out.
  2. Do the staff greet you when you come in. It’s a small thing but it really does show that they want to help you. Obviously if they are busy with a customer or the animals they can’t but similarly if they are standing or sitting around and they can’t be bothered to talk to you, you have to ask – do they care? To claim to be The Best Pet Shop in Gloucester you have to be willing to talk to your customers. Haven’t you?
  3. Are the staff willing and able to answer your questions? If not, why not? If your question is about something for sale in the shop they should be able to give you all the information you need on that product or animal, or at least know who to ask for help. The staff are the most important factor in making the business The Best Pet Shop in Gloucester. If they can’t give you information on an animal’s appropriate care, go elsewhere. Also, how confdent are their answers? If they try to belittle you when you ask questions – walk away, they don’t know the answer but it’s easier to be rude than to admit it. The Best Pet Shop in Gloucester will not know all the answers but they will tell you when they don’t and will hopefully find out the answer and get back to you.
  4. Have a look at the animal enclosures. Are they clean? Do the animals look well cared for? Food and water will run out during the day but not in all the enclosures at once. So are they generally well stocked. You cannot claim to be the Best Pet Shop in Gloucester if you are unwilling for people to see your animals and where they are kept, in fact you should be proud to show them.
  5. Ask about. Word of mouth remains the best way of finding out about a business. Yes, people will let you know if they have had a problem even if you didn’t ask!! However if you ask them they will be happy to share their good experiences as well. Reputations have to be earned either way. Customers should be only too willing to refer their friends and family to you if you are the Best Pet Shop in Gloucester. Obviously Facebook is the new “word of mouth” these days so look at their fanpage. If they are The Best Pet Shop in Gloucester they will have one because they will want to keep in touch with you, their customer. If they don’t, how much do you think they really value you?

If you want to test us against these criteria, come and visit us in the shop or send us a message . If you have already and you feel we tick all the boxes “Like” us on facebook, leave a review on Google, or a comment below, or just tell a friend. If you feel we don’t tick all the boxes then tell me, I need to know so we can try to be The Best Pet Shop in Gloucester.

The Best Pet Shop in Gloucester




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