Ezy Dog range increased

Ezy Dog high quality dog accessories have been stocked by Angell pets for some years now. We have just increased the range we hold in stock further and restocked the existing products.

Ezy Dog harnesses are ever popular, with their bright colours and superb quality. They come in a range of sizes to suit most dogs. The Ezy Dog chest plate harness, with it’s neoprene chest plate that moulds to the dogs shape, takes the strain away from th eneck if the dog should pull.

Ezy Dog Harness Blaze Orange

The Ezy Dog Cujo and Zero Shock leads both come with a build in shock absorbere to further reduce the strain on the dogs neck (and the owners arm) and help prevent injury. Both also come in colours to match the harnesses and collars. The Zero Shock comes witha padded handle and the Cujo with a tough “Water Ski” style handle for extra grip.

Ezy Dog CujoEzy Dog Zero Shock

The Ezy Dog safety collar compliments the range of Ezy Dog harnesses and leads. It is law that a dog must have a collar with ID attached and why not have one of these stunning collars to match your dogs harness and lead. These tough nylon collars come with a solid safety catch and lined with neoprene for a comfortable fit.

Ezy Dog Collar

Ezy Dog also do a range of extra accessories such as the Ezy Dog Fold A Bowl to enhance the outdoor experience with your dog.

Ezy Dog

Contact us should you require any Ezy DOg product not listed on our website.


The Angell Pets Team