Animal Boarding – Terms & Conditions


At Angell Pets we have provided a high quality boarding service for small mammals, birds and reptiles for a number of years. Animals are boarded in a separate, secure area of the business, not accessible to general members of the public, in species specific, appropriate enclosures. All you need to bring is the animal, we provide accomodation, food, water, bedding etc.

We take a non refundable, full payment in advance in order to reserve the space. Our service is extremely popular and especially during holidays we will have had to turn down others who wished to book the same dates. Please book and pay well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please note, we cannot accept animals for boarding in customer provided cages. All animals must be boarded in our own, secure enclosures. We also reserve the right to refuse any animal at reception should that animal show signs of any disease or infestation. In this case there will be no refund so please do not bring an animal for boarding that is clearly sick without contacting us first. We may still be able to board if your animal is receiving appropriate treatment but this will be at our discretion.

In the unlikely event of an animal falling ill during its stay, Angell Pets reserves the right, at our discretion, to seek veterinary assistance. You will be liable for any costs incurred by Angell Pets in this event.

In the event of failure to collect an animal on the agreed date, overstay charges will apply. Overstay charges are double the rates quoted below. We ask customers to remember that others will likely have reserved the space immediately after you and failure to collect could result in someone else not being able to board their animal’ with all the inconvenience and stress this would cause

In the very unlikely event of failure to collect and then failure to contact us to arrange an alternative date, we will keep the animal until the overstay charge exceeds the reasonable market value of the animal and then we reserve the right to sell the animal to recover the costs to us.

Our current boarding prices are as follows:

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla & Ferret: £4.50 each per day.

Small Mammal (rat, mouse, hamster etc.): £3 each per day

Bird (up to 4 birds per cage): £4 per cage/per day

Reptile: £6 each per day

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs will be fed locally grown Kimberley Hay and breed specific nuggets. Rats & Mice will be fed on nuggets, Ferrets will be fed on kibble food and Hamsters & Gerbils will be fed on nuggets. If you want your animal to be on a specific brand of food, you will need to bring it in with you or ask us to order it in and pay for it on drop off. If you do not bring in enough to cover the animals stay you will need to pay for it on collection

Tortoises will be fed fresh food daily and this will be provided by us.

Lizards will be fed on a range of different livefoods and where applicable they will be given fresh food, rodents or Repashy also. This will all be provided by us. Snakes will be fed once a week on appropriately sized rodents, again provided by us.

Birds will be given the appropriate combination of seeds and fresh food, daily. If your bird must be fed a specific brand then you will need to bring it in with you or ask us to order it in and pay for it on drop off. If you do not bring in enough to cover the animals stay you will need to pay for it on collection.

You can drop off/collect any time during our Opening Hours which can be found on this website, Google or Facebook. Please note we are not open on Sundays or any bank holiday, this will need to be considered when booking your animal in.

The Angell Pets Team