Angell Pets ® Pet Shop Trademark Registration

Pet shops and pet food suppliers abound in the high street, out of town shopping centres, online and in newspapers and other publications. Competition is hot and with competition comes a little bit of dodgy practice. In order to guard against some of this we have registered our name and logo to protect us from someone else damaging our reputation.

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Angell Pets ® is now a registered trademark of Angell Pets Ltd. APL™ (our own brand pet food) is a trademark of Angell Pets ®.

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This is to protect against further encroachment on our name and reputation. We have had issues in the past with customers contacting us with problems with  products which appeared to them to be associated with us. These turned out to be the products of a totally unrelated business. This issue has been resolved and to protect against something similar happening we have had to register the name. We now own the rights to our name and logo for all pet retail, animal breeding and pet services in the UK, on the high street and on line.

It all sounds a bit officious and costs a lot of money but it had to be done, especially with the launch of our new online webshop. We cannot allow someone else to damage our company name or indeed to trade off our good reputation. There is always someone willing to try it on (Companies House has already made another company change their name as it was “too similar” to ours).

Please note our web addresses are and . Anything that looks similar is just not us.

The Angell Pets Team

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