APL working dog food shortage

APL working dog food will be in short supply for a few weeks. Due to a fire in the factory resulting in the loss of one of the production lines, the manufacturers are having to stream line production for a number of weeks.

Unfortunately this means production of the bottom end lines has had to make way for the more popular items in the range. We still have some APL working dog food left but when this is gone we will not be able to get any more until March.

In the intervening period we will of course source an suitable alternative and keep sufficient stocks of that available for our regular customers. Although the alternative actually cost us more we will be keeping the price the same.

This ONLY effects a few lines and only the working dog is completely unavailable at the moment. Most other lines in the APL range are not effected at all (one – Fish and potato with Allergy X – has a temporary shortage of one particular size).

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused but we are trying to get the situation returned to normal ASAP so we can resume supplying APL working dog food.


The Angell Pets Team

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