Dog beds 10% off until the end of April

Dog beds at 10% discount on marked price across our whole range, cat beds too.

dog beds


We carry quite a range of quality dog beds and cat beds in store. For the rest of this month we are offering 10% OFF all dog beds and cat beds.

Ancol Self Heating Pads

Cossi Cage Mats

Country Pet Waterproof Cage and Crate Mat

Oval Fleeece Matress Navy

Oval Fleece Matress Red

Kudos Cage Mat

Makauri Snug and Cozy dog bed

Makauri High SIded Waterproof Dog Beds

Makauri Waterproof Matress

Pet Rebellion Boot Mate

Pet Rebellion “Stop Muddy Paws” Mat – Black

Pet Rebellion “Stop Muddy Paws” Mat Red 

Petit Marin Sailor Boat Bed

Plastic dog beds

Microwave heat pad

Tillie and Billie Silhoutte Dog Beds Blue

Ancol Cat Pyramid

Cat Cozy Rococo Bed

Cat Igloo

Cats Cradle Wide Radiator Bed

Cosy Cat Radiator Bed

Little Rascals Nighty Night Bed

Dog beds and cat beds can be purchased in store, or on line at our web store.

FREE local delivery is available on ALL discounted dog beds and cat beds.

The Angell Pets Team

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