Dog Coats Sale 10% off until the end of March

Dog coats are still selling well from the new shop, To help them sell even quicker we are having a 10% off promotion until the end of March (hopefully by then the weather will have started to improve – it’s a cold and very wet February day as I write this!).

Dog coats

That’s 10% off ALL the dog coats we sell. This offer is available in store and online in our webstore. If you can’t get into our store or do not have access to us online then you can always call us on 01452 501882.

Dog coats

With the dog coats, as with all our other products, local FREE delivery is available. That’s to Gloucester, Cheltenham and Painswick (post codes on the delivery option online).

Dog coats

So come and visit us and get your discounted dog coats before we run out.

Dog coats

The Angell Pets Team



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