Doodlebone Harness new in

Doodlebone harness range new in stock for January. We have the full range of colours and sizes now in stock.

The Doodlebone harness is made from breathable air mesh fabric. The harness spreads the weight of the dog across the whole area of the chest, relieving pressure on the neck and shoulders. This prevents strain on the neck associated with pulling on a collar and reduces chafing on the shoulders associated with other types of harness.

The Doodlebone harness comes in a variety of funky colours giving a modern designer look rather than the old fashioned, more utilitarian, strap type harnesses.

The whole of the Doodlebone harness range are priced at £14.99 for all colours and sizes making them a very attractive purchase for the larger dog. For the smaller dog the style reduces the “all strap no dog” look of older type harnesses.

We have added the stylish Doodlebone harness to compliment our existing range of dog accessories, leads, collar and harnesses. They fit nicely between our economy ranges and higher end luxury products.

The Doodlesbone harness comes in


Doodlebone harness


doodlebone harness red


doodlebone harness blue

Mint Green

Doodlebone harness mint green


doodlebone harness biege


Doodlebone harness pink


doodlebone harness purple

Buy online or pop into the shop for a full fitting service for your new Doodlebone harness.

The Angell Pets Team

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