Favourite Gloucester pet shop – vote here for a chance to win £100

Pet shop customers vote here for your favourite Gloucester pet shop and you could win £100 through the Pet Care Trading Association.

As part of our efforts to stay a cut above the rest we belong to a trade association for pet shop businesses that shares our aim to improve pet care by encouraging responsible and ethical pet ownership.

They are running a competition to find the nations favourite pet care professional and as a thank you for your getting involved they will enter you into a free draw to win £100. Just click below to register your vote for us.


Before you do, don’t forget to register with us first. All notices of free competitions and offers will be coming via email to you in future so you will need to be registered to receive notification on how to get FREE STUFF and/or DISCOUNTS.

We think it important that a pet shop is more than just a shop. A decent pet shop should offer extra services and advice and also get involved in community programmes (like our free educational services to schools and organisations). It’s also nice to give our customers a chance to WIN SOME DOSH, FREE STUFF or GET DISCOUNT. This is why we have set up our new discounts and offers subscription. So make sure you subscribe and register. As they say, you need to be in it to win it.

So register with us your favorite pet shop to receive your 10% sign up discount and regular notification of offers, further discounts, free stuff and chances to win money.

Favourite pet shop vote here

Vote here

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