Global market price increases effecting animal feed

We have had a new price list from one of our wholesalers with lots of price increases. This wholesaler is also a manufacturer and so is one of the first to react to global feed market prices. There have been significant increases in prices for wheat and maize due to problems in the US and a reduction in wheat quality and yields due to the wet conditions in the UK and Europe. Expect to see increases in the next few months for all feeds containing these ingredients (Poultry, wild bird, small mammal, cheaper dog and cat foods etc.). A knock on effect is a subsequent increase in meat products due to increased feed costs, so an increase is expected later with these products. If you are able to bulk buy, now may be the time, before prices increase. Poultry corn prices will increase as of next week unfortunately. The cost to us of a bag of corn has gone up £1, although our price will only be going up by 25p (sharing the pain folks).
We will, where possible absorb price increases but there will be cases where our margins are so slight that increases to us mean we will be selling at a loss so will have to increase our price as well. We will of course continue to be competitive, these increases will effect everyone.
The Angell Pets Team

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