Pet Shop Gloucester new range

Pet shop Gloucester new ranges in stock today.

Following the trade show last week we now have some great new ranges in stock in our pet shop Gloucester. Today we have just put out onto the shelves a range of Pet Rebellion car, floor and feeding mats.

Pet shop Gloucester

These absorbant, all grip, no slip mats are sylishly designed to protect your floors and carpets from the worst exesses of your furry friends. There are aborbant food mats to catch the spills from the more messy eaters, barrier rugs for placing at entrances to stop the spread of muddy paw prints (sized for dogs or for cats to go by the cat flap) and car protectors to help make the boot lining last just that bit longer!

As an added benefit these attractive mats are also machine washable, so easy to keep clean. We try our best to ensure all our pet shop Gloucester dog and cat products (beds, etc) are easy clean or machine washable for you convenience too,

We have checked our pet shop Gloucester prices and they are equal to or less than what you commonly  find these for on the internet, so the price is right too.

Pop into our pet shop Gloucester to have a look at these superb products and save your self hours of scrubbing floors and carpets or, if you are like me, save money paying someone else to do it for you!

The Angell Pets Team

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