Pet Shop Gloucester now stocks Canagan dog food

Pet shop Gloucester  We have stocked what is in our opinion the best dog food available, Orijen (and Acana) for several years now.

We still hold that this is the best quality food you can feed you dog (and cat) without the mess, hassle and cost of feeding a raw BARF diet. However we have suffered some serious supply issues over the last four or five months that still have yet to be resolved. This has led to us being out of stock in our pet shop Gloucester of one or two items when our customers needed them. This si not a situation we could allow to continue. On top of this we have also been informed of a significant price increase from the manufacturers. This has been blamed on rising costs of ingredient but interestingly coincides with the inclusion in the new recipe of cheaper ingredients (offal). Again we feel, as a responsible supplier, that we must do something to offer our customers a choice. Do they continue with Orijen and Acana and risk further or future supply issues (the food comes from Canada and is shipped over in containers, with all the potential for something to go wrong) or switch to a British made food.

pet shop Gloucester, Orijen

We have been searching for an alternative British product of the same quality. Unfortunately this does not exist. There is not a manufacturer in the UK capable of making food to the exacting standards of Orijen with the same top quality ingredients. however there is now a UK made (and mainly sourced) food that comes very close.

We now stock Canagan dog food in our pet shop Gloucester. This is a freshly prepared food (Orinen is made from 50% fresh ingredients) that is similar in quality and ingredients. It is 60/40% meat to vegetables (the same as Acana) whereas Orijen is 80/20% so it should suit those dogs that Orijen was just too rich for. It is also less expensive than the new priced Orijen. As a comparison Orijen (at the new price soon to come into force) will be £5.31/kg whereas the equivalent Canagan will be £4.49 (this is after their most recent price increase that comes into force today).

Pet Shop Gloucester, Canagan

Canagan is UK manufactured and the vast majority of the ingredients are UK sourced (all the meat). We stock a full range of sizes and flavours in our pet shop Gloucester. If you wish to feed your dog a good quality (not like the cheap copies – another one of which I have just been offered as I sit and write this), grain free, natural diet but cannot afford the latest price increase from Orijen and Acana or risk intermittent supplies then Canagan is the food for you. We also have some special introductory offers available to anyone trying it for the first time (£5 and £10 vouchers)

We will of course continue to stock Orijen and Acana in our pet shop Gloucester, they remain the very best quality foods on offer anywhere.


The Angell Pets Team

1 thought on “Pet Shop Gloucester now stocks Canagan dog food

  1. Hello there,

    Do you stock Canagan tinned free run chicken. I see you have the dry food but my dogs prefer the wet tinned Canagan.

    Many thanks,
    Phylly Clark

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