ProTect reptile cleaning range introductory offer

ProTect reptile cleansing products are one of the best ranges of products on the market for disinfecting reptile enclosures, equipment and hands.

Reptiles (like all animals) can carry disease causing organisms (bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms like cryptosporidium). Good hygiene is essential to keep you and your family safe.As said all animals can carry most of these organisms (remember the fuss over salmonella in poultry in the 1980’s) but reptiles seem to draw all the negative attention. A good regime and good quality product will ensure they do not pose a risk to human health.

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A lot of cleaning products on the market however are not safe to use with reptiles. Phenolic compounds are toxic and can kill the animal. Some specialist reptile products only kill a limited range of pathogenic organisms. ProTect products are effective against all the commonly carried bacteria, viruses and disease casing organisms, so protect against diseases such as salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis, e-coli infection etc.

We have the products on offer at 10% off all this week as an introduction to the range.

As an added bonus you can get 20% off if you buy all four ProTect items in the range. So not only will you be keeping your reptile and family safe, you can be doing it at a nice discount too.

The Angell Pets Team

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