Some disruption to our FREE delivery service coming up

We have an extremely popular FREE local delivery service to Gloucester, Cheltenham and Painswick (and a small charge for deliveries to Stroud). We are able to keep this service FREE by doing the deliveries ourselves after shop hours during the week. The downside to this is that if I am not available then bulky orders requiring the van may be disrupted.

Unfortunately, despite my constant denials, I am getting older and every now and then bits of me have to be repaired. I find I have to go into hospital on the 17th of November for some running repairs (quite literally – all that jogging is not always a good thing) to one of my knees. This will mean I will be unable to drive for a short period and we do not have any other drivers available that can drive the van..

We have put alternative vehicles and drivers on stand by, so we will be able to deliver all but the largest of your orders. Unfortunately there is no way I can make a 5′ vivarium fit in a Ford Ka (and I wouldn’t be able to lift it for a few weeks anyway) so any bulky orders will I’m afraid have to wait.

If you think you need to place any bulky orders (i.e. over two 15kg bags) around this time could I please ask you try to get your order in before the 16th of November. Any large orders placed after this for the following couple of weeks may have to be delivered over successive nights as they just won’t fit in the vehicles we will have available.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but I cannot put off the necessary operation any longer or I’ll end up having to have a new knee and I’ve grown attached to the one I’ve got over the years, despite the torn cartilage and cyst under the knee cap.

Richard Angell

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