Angell Pets back online

Angell Pets webstore was offline for a few days over Christmas. This was due to technical issues over the transfer of the domain name from our old site to the newer webstore. It appears the job was only half done.

angell pets

After two days of phone calls, emails and banging my head on the desk (it seemed to help!) the Angell Pets webstore is back up and running. Unfortunately if anyone sent us any stock enquiries to we would not have received them so I am afraid you will have to send them again or give us a call at the shop.

Sorry for any inconvenience whilst the Angell Pets site was down. Now it is back up you can shop, order and get delivery (FREE locally) of our huge (and growing) range of stock.

Just one more thing. If you can’t see what you want, it doesn’t mean we don’t stock it. It may just be that we haven’t yet got it onto the Angell Pets site. So call us and ask and you may find we can get it for you cheaper than you can get elsewhere.

The Angell Pets Team

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