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Pet Shop Gloucester training programmes. I just thought I’d post the relevant current training programmes our staff are undertaking and some of the ones we have already completed. Also I thought I would mention the animals each of us has ourselves or has had exeperience with previously, so you can have confidence when asking for advice.

At our pet shop Gloucester we currently have Ryan who is undertaking a government sponsored pet care and retail apprenticeship with our training partner Haddon training. This is a two year course covering all aspects of pet shop Gloucester customer service, animal care and retail operation. The training is given in house and monitored and assessed by Haddon Training. Ryan has cold water fish, a budgie, a dog and a cat at home.

George has completed the three year pet shop Gloucester pet care and retail management apprenticeship and is currently studying for a degree in animal science at the University of the West of England at Hartpury. He has also completed the level one Royal Canin nutritional training package as is working his way through level 2 and has completed the animal first aid course.

George breeds ferrets and snakes and house shares with our rat, mice, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, chicken, duck and other small animals supplier. He also keeps birds of prey (Great Grey Owl and Red Tailed Hawk and has experience of Harris Hawks, Sparrowhawk/Goshawks, Gabba Goshawks, Gyr/Saker Falcons, Boobook Owls, Bengal Eagle Owls, Barn Owls and Turkey Vultures) and tropical fish.

Billie is soon to start her final year at school and has to make a decision on whether to continue onto higher education or start the pet shop Gloucester pet care and retail management apprenticeship. Billie has had hamsters (which she seems able to help live practically forever!), mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, stick insects and fish.

Pet shop gloucester

Albert's baby

Henry and Albert have a few years still to go at school so have not started any formal work related courses although they will be doing their work placements here at our pet shop Gloucester. Henry has bred rats and kept rabbits and guinea pigs and tropical and cold water fish. Albert breeds Leopard Geckos and keeps rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, spiny mice and tropical and cold water fish.

Kim is an experienced retail manager having worked for many years with large chain stores and suppliers in both retail and customer service roles. She provides the cover at our pet shop Gloucester when the other staff are not available. Kim has had dogs all her life and has had cats, a chameleon and currently shares two dogs and a bearded dragon.

I manage the pet shop Gloucester and I have done a few relevant courses in my time, including an honours degree in biology, BTEC diploma in water treatment, City and Guilds in  Pet Shop management level 3, Royal Canin nutrition level one, occupational health and safety level 2, animal first aid, micro-chipping and I am currently working through the level 2 nutrition course.

I currently have a bull snake, tropical fish and frogs and a share in the dogs and bearded dragon. I have previously kept (over a very long period of time) rabbits, chickens, pheasants (Golden, Silver etc) budgies, ducks, dogs, cats, cold water fish, a variety of lizards (my first was a European green lizard) and snakes, spiders and other inverts, goats, sheep, ferrets, horses and ponies, hamsters and guinea pigs and a tortoise for as long as I’ve been alive. I also have a little experience with livestock such as cattle and pigs, turkeys and commercial chicken keeping and venomous snakes (cobras and rattle snakes) and some of the more venomous spiders (black widows), monkeys and other primates, coatimundis, larger turtles etc. etc.. Plus of course all the animals we have had in the pet shop Gloucester.

I believe it is really important for the staff in our pet shop Gloucester to be experienced in as many aspects of animal care as possible and for training to be ongoing and of the highest standard, independently monitored where possible. This is why we feels able to give you the advice you need. We do the courses and the time so you don’t have to. A large pet supermarket is advertising at the moment that 92% of their staff have animals of their own. I couldn’t believe this when I heard it, why isn’t it 100%, it is with us.

Staff at any pet shop Gloucester should only give advice if they have the experience or are qualified to the highest standard. That’s why coming into our shop and asking a question and asking the same question in a pet supermarket or  little town center shop will get you different answers. Some people know what they are talking about and some don’t. A customer recently went to their vet and asked about a problem with a fish. The vet told them to come to us as we knew more about fish than they did. I think that speaks volumes for our staff training policy. As new relevant courses become available our staff will be on them, so we remain the leader in our community.

As you can probably tell I am quite proud of our pet shop Gloucester staff and their knowledge.


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