Rabbit health check advice

Here’s a short video on how to carry out a quick health check on a rabbit. This should be done by the pet shop before you purchase but it should help you if you know what they should be looking for.

You can also carry out this quick check once a week when you  clean out the rabbit. Being proactive like this can identify problems when they are still relatively easy to sort out and will not only benefit the rabbit but could also save you a small fortune in vet bills.

The checks are basic and simple to do but can identify symptoms of serious problems early, making treatment easier (so cheaper) and more effective.

A simple weekly check of the ears for example can spot ear mites which can be easy to treat at an early stage of infestation but can be harder to get rid of when established and can lead to secondary bacterial or fungal infection. Checking the rabbits bum weekly can help prevent fly strike which often can prove fatal.

Have a look at the video. I will be producing a lot more similar videos on a variety of animals and subjects which I hope will prove useful to you. Please feel free to comment on this blog or on the videos if you find them useful. If you have a subject you would like me to do a video on, leave a comment or use the “contact us” form.


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