Discount UVB tubes

Discount UVB 5% and 6% tubes until the end of April. We have discounted all makes of UV tube for forest type reptiles by 10%. Arcadia,Zoo Med, Exo Terra and Trixie. As an example a Trixie 6% UVB 25W (30″) was £15.62, now ONLY £14.06.

Discount UVB lamps


These discount UVB tubes are suitable for chameleons, day geckos, green lizards etc. Any reptile requiring UV light but not at the intensity of the desert species.

This offer is whilst stocks last and ends on Tuesday 30th April, so grab them whilst they are there. Remember UVB tubes only give out UV for between 6-9months and then need to be replaced. The tube will still be working but will no longer be giving out light in the correct UV spectrum.

Get a discount UVB tube now on offer for when you need to change yours.

The Angell Pets Team

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