Easy-Tie Now In Stock

Easy-Tie, the new easy to use tie system to safely secure your dog whilst out on a walk is now in stock at Angell Pets.

Avaiable in two sizes, Easy-Tie removes the need to remove your dog’s lead and use it to tie up your dog to a post, railing etc. This reduces the risk of accidents as you secure your dog and excessive wear on your lead. Works with all leads, including extending ones. In fact it is the best way to secure a dog whilst using an extendable lead.


The Easy-Tie is a clever, Patent Pending functional accessory. It allows you to Safely, Easily & Quickly secure your dog to a café table, railing, post etc, without taking the lead off the collar.

Dogs often see the releasing of their lead as permission to roam freely (some with haste). This is bad news if you’re in a public area or by a roadside. The Easy-Tie keeps your dog safe, reduces the hassle when securing them, and is about 10 times quicker than the ‘Old Way’. In short, the Easy-Tie helps you to stay in control of your dog!


Easy-Tie - How To UseSimply click the Easy-Tie to a café table, railing, post or any other narrow object. Alternatively, you can wrap your lead around a small tree or lamppost, and back on to the lead to create a lock. Features a red lock button for added security.Easy-Tie - How To Use


Easy-Tie is suitable for all dogs, from small pups to the largest breeds.

It has been rigorously tested to the highest of standards and is available for dogs up to 48kg. Whether you quickly pop into a shop, or lounge at your favourite cafe/beer garden, the Easy-Tie offers less hassle, increased safety & speed for when you need to secure your dog.

Many of our customers also tell us that the Easy-Tie is great as a control mechanism for their exciteable puppies (as well as some exciteable adult dogs).

Easy-Tie is now avaialable in our webstore

CLICK HERE to see a video of Easy-Tie in action.

The Angell Pets Team


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