Ferret kits now available

Ferrets have a defined breeding season, so kits are only available at certain times of year. We only sell our own ferrets in the shop and this means that they are only in stock for short periods of time each year.


The first of this years kits from our breeding group are now available for sale and can be veiwed in store from today. We have a variety of colours available, both Hobs and Jills. We have over 40 years of breeding experience and all our ferrets are hand tame even before they get to the shop. You can view avaiability and price online but please note we do not sell animals online. You will need to visit the shop to view the animal before you buy and for us to ensure you have considered everything first and so are ready to take one away.

ferret kits

Ferrets have been used for centuries for hunting and are intelligent, inquisitive animals that can make excellent pets. Before considering a ferret as a pet though please read our ferret basic care sheet. This outlines several issues to take into consideration first. They will need a lot of stimulation, a good sized enclosure and have important health requirements so you need to include vaccinations and neutering in your plans.

If you do all this you will get years of fun and interaction from your new pet ferret and we will be there for any further advice and assistance you will need.

The Angell Pets Team

38 thoughts on “Ferret kits now available

  1. Hello,

    I’m in lnterestrd in a ferret, I’ve been looking to see how much they are but can’t seem to find the prices would you be able to tell Mr please and if you still have any for sale??

    Many thanks 🙂

    • Hi

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      Ferrets are seasonal breeders and breed from the spring through the summer and finishing the season in early autumn. We only sell ferrets bred by ourselves and as we always sell all of our ferrets each year we will not have any for sale until the end of May at the earliest. Prices last year were £30 each. When this years ferrets are ready for sale we will place them on our web store Angell Pets and post on our blog and Facebook page. Please note that all our animals are only available from our store in Gloucester.

  2. Hello,
    I’m in lnterestrd in a ferret, I’ve been looking to see how much they are but can’t seem to find the prices would you be able to tell Mr please and if you still have any for sale??
    Many thanks

    • Hi,
      Ferrets are seasonal breeders and we sold 2018’s litters a while ago now. We won’t have any more until May/June this year. I cannot give a price as it depends at the time we get them in. Its best to check our facebook page (Angell Pets Gloucester) as it will be posted on there when we get them in or give us a call closer to the time.

      Billie Angell

  3. Hi im a 25 year old female my name is lily i need a new friend my dad died a few weeks ago i know how to care for a ferret kit i would love one most likely the black one please thank you!

  4. Hi
    I am trying to find a baby albino male ferret for my 21 year old daughter I just need know directions your store and how much they cost.

  5. Hello I am looking to get kit two female ferrets. Or young ones. Please let me know when they would be available

  6. I’m interested in a white babylkit ferret will you please. Let me know how much they go for I’m very interesting getting one thanks

    • We do not know when we will be getting any ferrets. Due to the current situation going on in the world everything has been put on hold for the time being. You are more than welcome to contact again closer towards June and we may know what we will have in then.


  7. Hi. I am looking for the perfect ferret for my kids. (they are 8 and 10.) if there are any avalable, please reply. i need a kit for them

    Kind regards, Shamila varner

    • Not available currently. We have some due in the shop the week commencing 15th Of June. Please contact us after that date and we will know what we have available.

      Kind regards

  8. Hello, im looking for a ferret kit. A hob. Can i buy it from bali? How will it be delivered and whats the price

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