Pet Shop Gloucester loyalty scheme change

Pet shop Gloucester loyalty scheme is coming to an end. Well actually it’s not ending but it is changing. Our current system relies on a printed card being stamped in store and on our customers remembering to bring it or us stamping the card of pet shop Gloucester customers we deliver to. The cards (and vouchers) are also expensive to print and time consuming to use.

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So we are replacing it with an electronic system. This system uses a card that is scanned in at each visit. However the bar code is recorded on the system so points can be easily added over the telephone or on line (more on our new online store in a later blog). If you forget your card in store we can still add the points if you are registered. You can even buy gift vouchers direct from the system in store or (in the near future) on line.

The system will also automatically print a voucher once enough points have accrued or give a code for on line redemption. It can also track your spend so allows us to tailor your rewards to the things you normally buy in our pet shop Gloucester. It even tells us when we need to order more stock because you should be in for your regular purchase. Flash huh! It is costing a small fortune but I think the benefits to our customers and to us (with much better stock control, targeted offers, online shopping and, later, integration with other channels and smart phone shopping) means our pet shop Gloucester has to move forward.

The old scheme will continue to run at our pet shop Gloucester whilst the system is installed and old cards will continue to be honoured until it is up an running. Any outstanding points can be transferred.

So don’t throw out your pet shop Gloucester card yet, you can still use it to get your vouchers and the old vouchers do not have a use by date so will be honoured in the future.


Exciting time ahead for our pet shop Gloucester, so watch this space.


The Angell Pets Team

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