Pet shop Gloucester pet foods

We are pleased to announce the launch of our own range of pet shop Gloucester pet foods.

Initially the range includes dog food (puppy, adult and senior), cat food (kitten, adult), ferret food and pond food. We hope to increase this range in the very near future. At present the price list is as follows:-

  • Puppy 2.5kg £6.49, 7.5kg £18.99, 12kg £28.99
  • Adult lamb and rice 2.5kg £6.49, 7.5kg £18.99, 12kg £28.99
  • Adult chicken and rice 2.5kg £6.49, 7.5kg £18.99, 12kg £28.99
  • Senior 2.5kg £6.49, 7.5kg £18.99, 12kg £28.99
  • Kitten 2kg £6.49
  • Adult cat chicken 2kg £5.99
  • Adult cat salmon 2kg £5.99
  • Ferret 2kg £7.49
  • Pond food 4kg tub £12.99


These prices compare very favourably with Burns and Wellbeloved. Price per kilo, the comparison is as follows:-

  • APL lamb and rice £2.41/kg (12kg bag)
  • Burns lamb and rice  £3.14/kg (15kg bag)
  • James Wellbeloved lamb and rice £3.33/kg (15kg bag)


  • APL chicken cat £2.99/kg (2kg bag)
  • Burns chicken cat £4.24/kg (2kg bag)
  • James Wellbeloved turkey cat £7.39/kg (currently on offer at £9.99 a bag so £5/kg) (2kg bag)


  • APL ferret £3.75/kg (2kg bag)
  • James Wellbeloved ferret £4.50/kg (2kg bag)


  • APL staple pond food £3.24/kg (4kg tub)
  • King British £11.42 (1.75kg bag)
  • Tetra pond sticks £17.20/kg (5kg tub)


Prices even compare well with lower quality foods too.

  • APL lamb and rice £2.41/kg (12kg bag)
  • Skinners turkey and rice £2.22/kg (15kg bag)

A difference of only 19p/kg for a superior quality food.

We have samples of our pet shop Gloucester foods for you to try for free if you like, just ask at the counter.

The Angell Pets Team

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