Reptile shop expansion

Reptile shop section expansion and refurbishment.

Just a quick post to let you know that we have just completed a small expansion in the reptile shop section.

We have moved the whole section (including the spiders) and added additional space for more livestock. This will enable us to better manage the stock we have (it’s so much easier to paln the feeding when all the animals are in one place) and to add additional stock. I will be looking at the stock over the next week and planning what to add. If anyone is looking for something we don’t currently stock, now is the time to ask.

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Part of the reptile section

We are still not finished. I still want to add additional space and move some stuff around but the bulk of the work is done. For the future we will want to replace some of the glass vivs with wooden so there will be some deals to be had for anyone wishing to purchase a reptile or spider complete with a vivarium set up. The vivs. will be suitable for most smaller lizards and snakes (geckos, hognose, childrens pythons etc.), or as starter sets for younger animals.

Now’s your chance to get a fantastic deal if you are looking to buy your first reptile from our reptile shop or if you need space for babies etc.

Richard Angell

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