Sale of animals and accessories during the current situation.

I was asked a simple question today and realised that the answer was not as simple as it seemed. Are you selling animals at the moment? I have put out this message to explain our current position and the reasoning behind it.

The current legislation, for very obvious and humanitarian reasons, seeks to limit peoples movements and to keep people at home. This is not, as some people think to stop the virus spreading, it is to slow the rate of spread down and keep hospital numbers manageable. We clearly should not be doing anything as a community business to work against this effort. No one should be going out for any reason other than those listed as permissable by the government guidelines, such as to get to work, medical or care reasons, esssential supplies etc.

We obviously fit into essential supplies for most of our products. Pet foods are essential, pets have to eat. Bedding material, medical and water treatments, shampoos, brushes etc can also be considered essential, if not immediately within a few days. Animals will still defecate and urinate so you have to clean them out. Fish will still need water changes, animals still get minor ailments and infestations. I suspect self isolation would be a lot more unpleasant if your cat had fleas you could not treat. Groomers are closed and within a few weeks some breeds are going to become very matted (a welfare issue for the animal) and probably a bit stinky (a welfare issue for the owner!).

Other items are less clear. Is it really essential that you upgrade your budgie cage right now? Probably not. Will it cause any welfare issues to wait a few weeks until the restrictions are hopefully lifted? Probably not. Best to stay at home. Of course you may be coming to the shop anyway to buy bird seed and then, well you are not making an extra journey so that would be acceptable. Don’t use the food as an excuse though, we are all trying to be responsible at the moment. However if your cage breaks and the bird can no longer be secured then it is now essential. Not so simple is it?


Animals seem more obvious but are they? Now is not the time to be leaving home to buy a new pet. In fact, under the current legislation it will possibly earn you a fine. So we are not selling animals for this reason at present. Please still contact us for advice on what you need and how to care for any animal we sell. Even reserve the animal if you wish but put off actually coming in to pick it up until after the restrictions are lifted. We will look after it for you at no charge.


Sometimes however it is not so clear cut. I’ve long said that keeping spiders is habit forming, if not out and out addictive! If someone is in the shop buying livefood for their collection or substrate for repotting, or a larger enclosure etc, then spotting a spider in store that they have been waiting to get and buying it at the same time is not adding to the risk of spreading the virus at all and we would be willing to sell the animal under that circumstance. The journey was being made anyway.

pet shop Gloucester

The only other circumstance we are selling animals at the moment is where animal welfare is the main reason for purchase. Some animals are very social. Loss of a cage mate can cause serious depression and in extreme circumstances the premature death of the remaining pet. Rats are one obvious example of this but it can also be seen in rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents, some birds and even some shoaling fish. If an animal is suffering and you need a cage mate to alleviate that suffering then yes we will sell you an animal for that reason. We would class that as essential although it is not us that has to explain to the nice police officer what you are doing out, although we would back you up if required.

So the general message is don’t go out unless you really need to for essential supplies and be honest with yourself about this. These meassures are not in place to protect you really. They are there to protect the vulnerable members of our society who unlike you won’t just get a bit of a cold but might actually die and also the staff still required to serve customers who need these essential supplies, namely me! So don’t be surprised if I am not my normal welcoming self if you turn up having decided that the worst public health crisis to face this country for at least a generation is the time you “really need” to buy some guinea pigs, a hutch and run, some food etc. because the kids are off school and need something to do.

giardia in ferrets

Well that turned into a little bit of a rant and it wasn’t supposed to. Most people are very reasonable and sensible, however in the retail trade you would be surprised at what we encounter!

Stay safe, be well and if you are thinking of getting a new pet, we’ll see you on the other side.

The Angell Pets Team

Update On Corona Virus Measures

Obviously the measures businesses are being asked to take by the government are being increased in a staged fashion in order to control the rate of infection within the population. Our pet shop is considered an essential business. Animals have to be fed. In order to allow us to stay open and to protect our staff, customers and business we are constantly updating our operating procedures so we are still there for you when you need us and also so we have stock on the shelves when you need it.

We have today introduced new protection measures to enable us to continue to be allowed to provide our services to you. I have listed all the current measures below to try and keep it simple and hopefully to convey why each step is important.

  • Opening times remain as normal. We are classed as an essential business.
  • Only one customer (or customer group) in store at a time. This obviously aids social distancing but also allows us to disinfect hard surfaces, card pin pads and hands in between customers.
  • We have a covered area in front of the shop, to protect customers from the elements should a small queue form. If this happens, please maintain at least a 2m distance from other customers, as per guidelines. We don’t think this will be an issue as our customers tend to come in in a fairly regular stream through the day but obviously with people off work this may change. Please be sensible and protect yourselves and others. If people do congregate police may disperse you or worse so if you see others outside the shop, stay in your car or away from the store until those people have been served and have left.
  • No members of the public who just wish to view the animals or just browse will be allowed in. We are open for our customers only to buy essential supplies.
  • Customers will be assisted to make their purchases as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining suitable distance. This keeps the risk of infection to a minimum and allows us to keep customers flowing.
  • We are encouraging customers to telephone orders in and pay by card over the phone, where possible. We can then have their orders ready for collection within minutes (unless pre-ordering is required, then we can give a date for collection).
  • For a select group of customers (those infected and having to self isolate, those with serious underlying health issues, such as chemotherapy treatment, or those over the age of 70) we can deliver locally for free. Please telephone your order in. Use the website to choose what you want by all means but telephone the order in (subject to a minimum order of £10). The website will charge for delivery. We ask those who are not in one of these categories not to abuse this service, as we are not set up to deliver to everyone.
  • Anyone who is infected or has been in close contact with someone who is infected please stay at home and use the service above. We will telephone you when we arrive with your delivery and leave it on the doorstep and wait until you have come out to collect it so it doesn’t “go missing”.
  • We have limited certain items to one or two per customer. This means that we can ensure the shelves remain full and our customers can get what they want, when they want it. Then there is no need to stock up.

By following the above procedure we can protect our customers, ourselves (if we get ill we will have to close) and our business. As long as we can demonstrate we are essential (and we are) and that we are taking all reasonable measures to limit the spread of the virus, we will be allowed to stay open. A lot of work is going on behind the scenes by our trade federations to make sure this situation continues. We hope that we can rely on our customers to be understanding. So far, we are pleased to say we have not had one single incident of a customer not being understanding or being rude to staff because of the sensible precautions we are taking so thank you very much for your continued support.

The Angell Pets Team

Corona Virus, Self Isolation And Stockpiling

We have noticed in the last couple of days that there has been an increase in sales to individual customers. Customers that usually buy one bag of dog food a month are buying two or three, customers that usually buy three boxes of locusts are getting six oir eight. Obviously this is so that if they are forced to self isolate in the event of them catching Corvid 19, they can be sure they have enough supplies in for their animals. Whilst this is understandable it has meant that some regular customers are finding that their normal supplies are not on the shelf when they need them and although it only takes us a few days to restock and we have no issues with any suppliers, it does lead to more people panickling that they are going to be without.

Pet shop Gloucester

In an attempt to both alleviate the need to “stock up” and to help out if any of our customers should actually need to self isolate (i.e. people that do have or are suspected to have the virus or vulnerable groups such as the elderly) we are introducing free home delivery for anyone who has had to go into quarantine. If you are genuinley having to self isolate and cannot get out to buy supplies, call us on 01452 501882. You can order and pay over the telephone (subject to a minimum order value of £10), we will then deliver to your house, give you a call to tell you we are there and leave the product at your door for you to collect when we have gone. No need for any contact.

Please note, this service is only for genuine cases of self isolation. We are a small family business and are not currently set up to do a full home delivery service at the moment due to my own on going health conditions. If you are not self isolating we have a large FREE carpark at our shop in Hucclecote. We just want to do our bit to help out those unable to make it to us because of the current Corona Virus situation and to reduce the impulse to bulk buy and spread the available supplies amongst all our customers. Thank you in advance for not abusing this service.

The Angell Pets Team

Gloucester Pet Shop March Offers

Our wholsaler’s March offers are now available in our Goucester pet shop and our online store. Once again our usual prices are very competetive but these offers present even more fantastic savings. They are avaiable until the end of the month but don’t wait that long, as the more poluar lines sell out at our wholsalers quite quickly.

Gloucester Pet Shop

Sanicat Beauticat Litter 30L Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £12.99 RRP £15.99

Gloucester Pet Shop

Skinners Field & Trail Maintenance 15kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £16.99 RRP £20.99

Gloucester Pet Shop

Beta Senior Dog Food 14kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £25.00 RRP £30

Gloucester Pet Shop

Beta Puppy Food 14kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £25.00 RRP £30

Gloucester Pet Shop

Felix AGAIL Doubly Delicious Meat Selection 40 Pack Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £11.50 RRP £13.00

Gloucester Pet Shop

Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads 56 Pack Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £17.99 RRP £23.99

Gloucester Pet Shop

BestPets Compressed Paper Large Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £4.65 RRP £5.65

Gloucester Pet Shop

Iams Cat Vitality Chicken 2kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £7.99 RRP £10.99

Gloucester Pet Shop

Burgess Excel Rabbit Adult 2kg ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.23

Gloucester Pet Shop

Burgess Excel Rabbit Junior 2kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £4.39 RRP £5.59

Gloucester Pet Shop
Gloucester Pet Shop
Gloucester Pet Shop

Forthglade Just Chicken Grain Free Single Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY RRP £1.35

Forthglade Just Lamb Grain Free Single Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY RRP £1.35

Forthglade Just Beef Grain Free Single Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY RRP £1.35

Any 2 for £2 (In store or via telephone only)

Gloucester Pet Shop

Interpet Gold Tapsafe 125ml Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £1.89 RRP £2.99

Gloucester Pet Shop

Interpet Gold Quick Clear 125ml Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £1.89 RRP £2.99

Gloucester Pet Shop

VETIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £4.65 RRP £6.69

Gloucester Pet Shop
Gloucester Pet Shop

Whiskas Kitten Pouches In Jelly Fish 12 x 100g Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £2.99 RRP £4.59

Whiskas Kitten Pouches In Jelly Poultry 12 x 100g Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £2.99 RRP £4.59

Whiskas Kitten Pouches In Gravy Poultry 12 x 100g Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £2.99 RRP £4.59

Gloucester Pet Shop

James Wellbeloved Cat Adult 1.5kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £9.99 RRP £13.99

James Wellbeloved Kitten 1.5kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £9.99 RRP £13.99

James Wellbeloved Cat Senior 1.5kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £9.99 RRP £13.99

Gloucester Pet Shop

Johnsons Ear & Eye Wipes 100 Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.49

Gloucester Pet Shop

Arden Grange Dog Adult Senior 12kg Gloucester Pet Shop Price ONLY £32.49 RRP £41.49

So pop in to our gloucester pet shop to grab a bargain or visit us online at

Plumed Basilisk Caresheet

Plumed Basilisks (Basiliscus plumifrons) originate from the humid tropical forests of Central America. They are a semi-aquatic species of lizard that love to climb but use the water to escape, either by diving in or running very fast across the surface. They can become tame and make good pets. Adults can reach sizes up to 75 cm, including tail. Adult males can be territorial and should not normally be kept together. Average life span 10-20


A sealed wooden (Melamine) vivarium with good ventilation and a glass front is the most suitable. Glass can also be used but be aware that these lizards do not always realize that clear glass is a barrier, and many damage their snouts by constant rubbing – live plants or hanging silk pants in front of the glass sides and back can therefore be a good option for this species. The minimum size should be 1200 x 80 x 60cm but the larger the better. All reptiles are cold blooded and need an external heat source to maintain their body temperature. Each species of lizard requires different degrees of heating, but all lizards benefit from a range of temperatures within the vivarium. One end of the vivarium should be heated. This creates a thermal gradient allowing the lizard to choose its preferred temperature. Thermometers can be placed at each end of the vivarium to monitor the temperature range. The overall vivarium temperature must be controlled by a thermostat. Lower temperatures due to a blown bulb, power failure etc. can be tolerated for short periods but over temperature can kill in quickly. Basilisks like to climb and hang off things and can jump across from branches to heaters so wire mesh guards should be fitted over all hot heat sources used in order to prevent thermal burns.

plumed basilisk


Gentle heat can be provided by using heat mats and more intense heat by spot lights or UV heat lamps. Your pet shop will advise on heating products and their use suitable for your green basilisk (another name for the same animal). Create a thermal gradient of 24-25°C at the cool end and 32-35°C at the hot end. Night temperatures can be dropped by a couple of degrees at both ends. There are various ways of achieving this end and different keepers have different methods. The important thing is the actual temperatures. We do it with a heat mat for night time, mounted on the vivarium wall at the hot end with a UVA basking lamp for increased daytime temperatures and natural lighting, using a dimming thermostat.


Plumed Basilisks are diurnal lizards and require UVB lighting to fully absorb and utilize the calcium in their diet. This light should be left on for 12- 14 hours in the day. The bulbs will need replacing from time to time and your pet shop will advise you. Different brands and types have different lifespans and just because a tube still lights up does not mean it is still giving out UV. UVB (at around 5-6%) is essential. Without it the basilisk will suffer..Using a UVA basking lamp helps stimulate natural diurnal behaiour and has the added benefit of bringing out the colour of the animal.


Plumed Basilisks require a high humidity of 65-85 %. This can be achieved by spraying the vivarium frequently (at least daily) with tepid water, or by installing a waterfall or automatic misting device.Substrate choice will also effect humidity throughout the day.


The floor of the enclosure should be covered with a suitable substrate, such as a mixture of coconut bark and coconut soil or orchid bark (bark chips) to maintain high humidity. As already stated provide a spot light or UV heat lamp for basking. Use branches to create areas to bask in and for climbing and shade. An area to shelter for shade and to prevent stress if your lizard wants to hide away. Plumed Basilisks love to be near water, they use it to escape if threatened in the wild, actually running across the surface, hence to local name of “Jesus Christ lizard” so a large bath should be provided for swimming, or at least for the basilisk to soak its whole body.

plumed basilisk

Cleaning and watering

Remove droppings, frequently produced in the bath and dead food daily. Baths, water and food bowls should be washed and cleaned daily. The enclosure is very warm and bacteria will grow rapidly in dirty water bowls. Vivariums should be completely cleaned out and disinfected with a pet-safe disinfectant regularly. How regularly depends on a lot of factors; substrate choice, whether there are detrivores used or in the case of bioactive set ups perhaps not at all. If not using a live set up then soiled substrate should be disposed of and replaced every couple of months. You can spot clean basilisk poop but I challenge anyone to spot clean cricket or locust poop! Over time this will start to make the vivarium smell if left too long. I don’t like vivarium deodorisers. If it smells then you are not keeping it clean enough.


Plumed Basilisks mainly eat live insects, of a size up to the width of their heads, but some will accept fruit and vegetables if offered. In the wild they will also eat fish, small mammals but it is not necessary to feed this in captivity unless you really feel the urge. Remember it is illegal and foolish to feed live vertebrates to another animal in the UK but frozen are available for you to defrost if you simply must. Don’t overdo it though as this can lead to obesity and laziness. Young basilisks should be fed insects once or twice a day with occasional fruit and vegetables. Once growth slows, appetite diminishes substantially. Adults can then be fed 3-4 times a week with more fruit and vegetables offered, if accepted, some just will not. Animal protein can be supplied as crickets, locusts, morio worms and very occasional pinkie mice. Wax worms should be fed sparingly as they have a high fat content. When feeding crickets feed a few at time; if they are eaten readily you can feed a few more. Loose, uneaten crickets annoy and distress them, particularly the black variety. Brown or “silent” rickets are less carnivorous but in large numbers will still nibble. Fruit and vegetables should be washed and dried before being offered in bite size pieces. All food should be dusted with a calcium supplement for fast growing juveniles, and two or three times a week for adults. Vitmain powder should only be used once a week. It is possible to overdose with vitamins (not calcium)


Plumed basilisks are fairly easily tamed and rarely bite once you’ve put in the work. Young lizards will be quite skittish however, particularly wild caught ones. We only sell captive bred anyway and these are generally much more docile. Movements to pick them up should be smooth, gentle but confident. If you go in with a shaky hand, hesitating and moving around to get the best angle then the basilisk will get nervous and probably clear off or if it can’t then that is the only time it is likely to bite in self defence. Once you have decided how you are going to approach, go in quickly but smoothly. To pick up your lizard place one hand above the shoulders and support the underside fully with the other hand. Keep the basilisk supported at all times, especially when young. It could “take off” at any time.


A healthy Plumed Basilisk should be bright and alert. Its body and legs muscles should appear well-formed and strong. Things to look out for are diarrhoea; this can be caused by incorrect feeding or internal parasite infestation (much more likely in wild caught specimens, another reason to buy captive bred). Nails may become overgrown and will need to be trimmed (we can trim nails for you). Mouth rot: cheesy deposits appear in the mouth. Respiratory problems: signs include fluid or mucus from the nose. Bone disorders: signs include twisted, twitching, swollen or paralysed hind limbs and a soft or undershot jawbone. This is due to a lack of calcium and/or vitamin D3. It can be reversed if caught in time and properly treated. If you are at all worried about the health of your basilisk you should consult a specialist reptile vet as soon as possible. Some reptiles can carry a form of salmonella. Salmonella is most usually contracted by ingestion. Good hygiene and washing hands after handling or cleaning your basilisk should be sufficient to prevent any risk of infection.

At Angell Pets we sell complete set ups for the Plumed Basilisk, including all the equipment, food and supplements you need to keep your animal healthy for many years. We are a five star licence holder and take the welfare of our animals very seriously, both in store and after they leave us.

New Year Offers

Happy New Year to all our existing and future customer. To kick the new year off we have a great set of offers available until the end of January. Have a look at the list and click on the link to buy (where available online). Better still, pop in and see us in person in our Gloucester pet shop or call 01451 501882 to place and order.

Skinners Field & Trial
Pet Shop Gloucester

Skinner’s Field & Trial Duck & Rice Hypoallergenic 15kg ONLY £24.99 RRP £31.49

Bonio Original Box
Pet Shop Gloucester

Bonio The Original 12.5kg ONLY £26.49 RRP £36.49

Go Cat Chicken
Pet Shop Gloucester

Go-Cat Chicken & Duck 10kg ONLY £17.99 RRP £24.60

Go Cat Tuna
Pet Shop Gloucester

Go-Cat Tuna, Herring & Vegetable 10kg ONLY £17.99 RRP £24.60

Animology Fox Poo Shampoo
Pet Shop Gloucester

Animology Fox Poo Shampoo 250ml ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.50

Animology Puppy Shampoo
Pet Shop Gloucester

Animology Puppy Love Shampoo 250ml ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.50

Animology Stink Bomb
Pet Shop Gloucester

Animology Stink Bomb Spray 250ml ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.50

Bags On Board Patterned
Pet Shop Gloucester

Bags on Board Refills Patterned 140’s ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.79

Bags On Board Ocean
Pet Shop Gloucester

Bags on Board Refills Ocean Scent 140’s ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.79

Pet Munchies Chicken Strips
Pet Shop Gloucester

Pet Munchies Chicken Strips 90g ONLY £1.49 RRP £2.99

Pet Munchies Ocean Fish
Pet Shop Gloucester

Pet Munchies Ocean White Fish for Dogs 100g ONLY £1.49 RRP £2.99

Pet Munchies Chicken Dumbells
Pet Shop Gloucester

Pet Munchies 100% Natural Real Chicken & Rawhide Dumbbells 80g ONLY £ RRP £2.99

Burns Weight Control
Pet Shop Gloucester

Burns Weight Control+ 2kg ONLY £7.99 RRP 10.39

Burns Weight Control Chicken and Oats 12kg ONLY £37.99 RRP 47.95

Nature Diet 
Pet Shop Gloucester
Nature Diet 
Pet Shop Gloucester
Nature Diet 
Pet Shop Gloucester

Naturediet Feel Good Chicken 390g

Naturediet Feel Good Chicken & Lamb 390g

Naturediet Feel Good Turkey & Chicken 390g

2 For £2 (only available in store or via telephone)

Tropical Flake Food
Pet Shop Gloucester

King British Tropical Fish Flake Food 55g ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.59

Pet Shop Gloucester

Eukanuba Active Adult Large Breed Rich In Fresh Chicken 12kg ONLY £ RRP £44.99

Burgess Excel Rabbit
Pet Shop Gloucester

Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets with Mint 10kg ONLY £17.99 RRP £22.50

Wagg Treats
Pet Shop Gloucester
Wagg Treats
Pet Shop Gloucester

Wagg Training Treat Chicken & Cheese 100g

Wagg Training Treats Chicken, Beef & Lamb 100g

2 For £1 Only available in store.

Pet Shop Gloucester

Greenies Dental Dog Treat Original Regular 170g ONLY £5.00 RRP £7.00

Pedigree Pouch Adult
Pet Shop Gloucester

Pedigree Adult Wet Dog Food Pouches Mixed Selection in Jelly 24x100g ONLY £5.99 RRP £7.85

Pedigree Pouch Puppy
Pet Shop Gloucester

Pedigree Puppy Wet Dog Food Pouches Mixed Selection in Jelly 24x100g ONLY £5.99 RRP £7.85

Peckish Wild Bird Food
Pet Shop Gloucester

Peckish Complete Seed 2kg+50% ONLY £3.99 RRP £4.99

THe ANgell Pets Gloucester pet shop Team

Pre Christmas Clearance Sale

In the run up to Christmas we have a lot of new stock coming into our Gloucester pet shop. We need to make room for this stock so we have a pre Christmas sale on a number of larger items.

pre christmas sale

We have already put on sale our Ex Display large rabbit and guinea pig hutches. The Orchard hutch (SOLD) with pull out, galvanised metal tray, RRP £139.99, our normal price £135.99, on offer at only £99. The Bowness hutch (SOLD) and run combo, RRP £174.99 , our normal price £169.99, on offer at £119.

pre Christmas clearance sale

In addition to the hutches in our pre Christmas clearance sale, we now also have the Cambridge, large parrot cage on offer for only £199.99, RRP £279.99, our old price £229.99. Also for parrots and parakeets is the corner Discovery cage RRP £269.99, our normal price £209.99 now on offer at £189.99. So if your parrot is in need of a new cage or an upgrade, now is the chance to grab a bargain. We only have one of each so first come first served.

Finally we have one Little Zoo Adventurer mammal cage (SOLD) in the pre Christmas clearance sale. Don’t let the name fool you. it’s a very large cage. This would suit rats, chinchillas or ferrets. The RRP is £219.99, our nomal price is only £189.99 but we have one on offer at only £99. It’s big and taking up a lot of space so we need it gone. At this price we do not expect it to hang around for long so be quick with this one.

pre Christmas clearance sale
Little Zoo Adventurer

So call us, visit our online pet store, visit our Facebook page or pop in and see us to get a bargain in our pre Christmas clearance sale. Obviously if you know someone in need of an upgrade then it would make a welcome Christmas present, so two birds, one stome!

The Angell Pets Team

Very Special Hutch Offer

Billie is fed up with putting the display hutch and runs out each morning and getting them in again at night, especially with the colder weather moving in. So to save her some work and stop the moaning we have two large hutches on a very special offer.


The first is the Bunny & Fizz Orchard Hutch. RRP £139.99, our usual price £135.99. This large fir wood hutch has a felt roof, galvinesd metal pull out tray for easy cleaning and is 5 feet long and two feet wide. I used to have one of these myself for our pregnant and nursing ferrets. This one is on offer now for only £99. We have only one in stock so first come first serve.

Orchard Hutch

The second is the Harrisons Bowness Hutch and Run combo. A fir wood construction with environment-friendly water-based paint. The green, water-proof asphalt roof protects pets from water penetration and excessive sunlight exposure. One bedroom compartment. The double layer design and enlarged run increases the activity space. Galvanised metal rodent proof mesh and latches. Built in ladder for improved access between floors. The overall size is 150x121x117cm. This is on offer at only £119. Again, we only have one in stock, fully assembled.

Bowness Hutch And Run

We have a range of other hutch, runs and acessories available at our usual competetive prices as well. Over the winter these will bea available flat packed in store.

Double Hutch

So pop in and see us or have a look at our new webstore for our full range of hutch, cage, vivarium acessories, food and livestock

Gloucester Pet Shop Webstore Is Changing

Our popular webstore for our Gloucester Pet Shop is changing. We have used the same platform for a number of years and support for this platform is ceasing in the new year (a bit like Windows 7 support and security updates also ceasing next year).

We had a number of options available to us. Our current supplier offered us an update to a more modern platform. Unfortunately they wanted to charge us nearly £10,000 for the privilege so they have been told where to go. We have now found a new supplier with a cloud based platform. Over the last few weeks Billie and I have been busy putting all the stock onto the new EPos system (till) and this integrates with the new website. The basic form of the website is now ready to launch (we can add the fancy pictures and banners at our leisure). Unfortuantely we have to get our domain released by the old supplier so we can repoint it to our new site and this involves a bit of email to and fro so will take a day or two. Whilst this happens the site will suddenly stop working until we have completed the redirect.

During this period if anyone has an order they wish to place, please call us at our Gloucester pet shop on 01452 501882 so we can use the good old telephone ordering system. We will post when the new site is up and running. This site is not affected by these changes and will continue to work.

As part of the change over our old loyalty scheme is no more. Point’s collection and voucher issue was dealt with by the old system and this suddenly stopped working some weeks ago. Any customers with valid vouchers please bring the paper voucher with you to redeem by the end of this month. After that we will no longer have access to the old system at all and can no longer accept the old vouchers..

We are considering how to do a new loyalty scheme on the new system but it will look completely different and we will launch that once we have got over any bugs in our new EPos and webstore and got all the stock loaded into the databases (nearly there!).

Of course, throughout all this change our Gloucester Pet Shop has remained open in Hucclecote, serving the surrounding areas of Brockworth, Churchdown, Abbeymead, Abbeydale, Matson, Coney Hill, Barnwood and Upton. We are also easily accessible from further afield like Cheltenham and Stroud. We have a large FREE carpark and we are conveniently located on a major bus route out of town so please do pop in if you haven’t already.

gloucester pet shop

Angell Pets 5 star rated Gloucester Pet Shop celebrates 10 years serving the local community nex month, so watch out for some celbratory offers coming soon.

October Offers

Our ever popular supplier’s offers for October are now in store and on line in our webstore. This may be the last time we post these offers here as we are making some changes to our websites. More on that soon. In the mean time have a browse of this months fantastic offers.

Gourmet Perle

Gourmet Perle Mixed Variety 60 Pack ONLY £16.00 RRP £24.00

Beta Adult Chicken

Beta Adult Dog Chicken 2kg ONLY £4.49 RRP £6.20

SS Stain Remover Cat

Simple Solutions Stain Remover For Cats 750ml ONLY £5.49 RRP £6.49

SS Stain remover dog

Simple Solutions Stain Remover For Dogs 750ml ONLY £5.49 RRP £7.49

Pedigree Dentastix Large

Pedigree Dentastix Large 56 Pack ONLY £9.99 RRP £18.99

Pedigree Dog Pouch Favourites In Jelly

Pedigree Dog Pouch Favourites In Jelly 12 Pack ONLY £3.00 RRP £4.29

Pedigree Puppy Pouch In Jelly

Pedigree Puppy Pouch In Jelly 12 Pack ONLY £3.00 RRP £4.29

Pet Munchies Chicken & Calcium Bone

Pet Munchies Chicken & Calcium Bone 100g ONLY £1.49 RRP £2.99

Pet Munchies Duck & Sweet Potato Stick

Pet Munchies Duck & Sweet Potato Stick 90g ONLY £1.49 RRP £2.99

Good Boy UFO Flashing Ball

Good Boy UFO Flashing Ball ONLY £1.99 RRP £4.09

Good Boy Glow In The Dark Ball 65mm ONLY £1.00 RRP £1.69

James Wellbeloved Dog Pouch Grain Free Lamb

James Wellbeloved Dog Pouch Grain Free Lamb 12 Pack ONLY £8.00 RRP £12.00

James Wellbeloved Dog Pouch Grain Free Turkey

James Wellbeloved Dog Pouch Grain Free Turkey 12 Pack ONLY £8.00 RRP £12.00

Iams Cat Vitality Fish

Iams Cat Vitality Fish 2kg ONLY £8.49 RRP £10.99

Beaphar Cat Diffuser Kit

Beaphar Cat Diffuser Kit ONLY £15.00 RRP £18.00

Beaphar Dog Diffuser Kit

Beaphar Dog Diffuser Kit ONLY £15.00 RRP £18.00

Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets

Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets 1.5kg ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.49

Tiny Friends Farm Bedding

Tiny Friends Farm Bedding 15L ONLY £6.69 RRP £9.99

Whimzee Toothbrush Medium

Whimzee Toothbrush Medium Single Buy One Get One Free!

Sanicat Classic Non Clumping Litter 30L

Sanicat Classic Non Clumping Litter 30L ONLY £10.99 RRP £13.99

Nature Diet Chicken 200g
Nature Diet Puppy 200g
Nature Diet Senior 200g

Nature Diet Chicken 200g 2 For £1.50

Nature Diet Puppy 200g 2 for £1.50

Nature Diet Senior 200g 2 for £1.50

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