is down at present

Our webstore is down at the moment due to an issue with the domain name. It is all to do with our old web hosting company going out of business. They have retained the name instead of transferring it to us as they should have done. Since they no longer exist as a company they cannot do the transfer now. I am in the process of sorting this out but it may take a little while.

In the mean time if any one wishes to place an order you can telephone me at the shop on 01452 373087 and we can set up the order and arrange delivery as usual.

As soon as this issue is resolved the webstore will be back up and running as usual at and of course I will let everyone know.


The Angell Pets Team

Pet shop closed for the holiday period?

Pet shop closed ? Does your local pet shop close over the holiday period? Many small independent pet shop businesses close over Christmas and new year, just at the time when their customers need them most.

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We are closed for Christmas day and most of Boxing day and most of New Years day (see my blog for exceptions). I work seven days a week and these are my only three days off a year. However I make sure that we are available through our online pet shop during these periods and that we are open on every other day of the holidays.

A lot of small pet shop owners complain about the challenges facing their business in the modern world then refuse to take the steps necessary to protect their pet shop from those challenges. They complain about big chains being open longer but won’t open seven days a week or on bank holidays or over the Christmas period. They complain about online pet supermarkets; faceless, uncaring giants that do not know anything about their products (all valid commentary) but then fail to invest in an online pet shop presence to compete with them(and in fact compete very well as they would be able to offer the help, advice, additional services and customer service the big pet shop companies and warehouses cannot).

Well we are a different sort of independant pet shop. We open when we are needed, we have an excellent online pet shop, we have an active Facebook page to interact with customers that can’t make it into the shop and we deliver free to our local community, offer nail clipping for small animals for only £1 with a free health check, free water testing (by someone who lectured on water quality on a diploma course not some little Saturday person who doesn’t know one piece of very soft anatomy from a bonier bit), offer micro chipping and lots of free advice. We support our local community with school talks and community events, charity prizes and free advertising of charity events.

Over the past few years (we have been open over 4 years now and we opened in the very depths of the recession too) we have seen independent pet shops close all over the country in the face of growing competition from pet superstores etc. (you know the ones) that should not be able to hold a candle to the small independent pet shop (and in reality everyone knows they can’t), and online warehouses. In all case, including that of friends of ours, none of them have taken up the challenge and put things in place to protect their business.

How many had an active Facebook page (so often, when I’ve talked to business owners they said things like “I don’t see the point” or have bothered to find out how to use it properly)? How many had an online pet shop or anything more than just a one page site with the business name and address on it. I was going to say better than nothing but not really. If it is not an actively updated page it may as well not exist, it won’t come up in any searches (unless someone was searching for that specific business name). How many still didn’t open on Sundays and bank holidays? How many closed at 5pm so anyone on their way home from work couldn’t just pop in and get their supplies? How many didn’t do free deliveries from their pet shop to their local community and so missed out on all those customers that just couldn’t make it in when the shop was open or found the shop just that little too far to travel?

Again our pet shop is different. That is why, to use terms you hear on the business slot on breakfast TV every day, our total sales and market share have continued to grow ever since we opened and with the launch of our online store, backed up with the knowledge of our staff on the products we sell, continues to grow almost daily.

So thank you to our regular pet shop customers who remain incredibly loyal, welcome to our new customers, online, on Facebook, on the telephone or on foot and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year if we don’t see you in our open pet shop between now and then. We have ordered in extra stock of all the best selling products to cope with the normal rush from customers who usually go elsewhere but can’t because they are closed or have run out.

Have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year everyone.

The Angell Pets Team

Last few Christmas gift items left in stock

We only have a few Christmas gift items left in stock. Seasonal gift items continue to sell well so if you have any last minute items to get, hurry up because they won’t be around for much longer. Here’s a list of what we have left.

Christmas gift   Dog stockings x 3 Cat stockings x 8 Dog selection packs x 5 Doggie chocolate Santas x 5 Doggie Christmas puddings x 9 Doggie cigars gift pack x 10 Dog seasonal loofa toys x 5 Unstuffed seasonal dog toys x 8 Cat toy selection stocking x 9 Cat seasonal shaking toy x 8 Cat nip festive toy x 3 Rotastak small animal Christmas gift stocking x 7 Crested Gecko Christmas gift stocking x 1 Turtle Christmas gift stocking x 1 Corn snake Christmas gift stocking x 1 Christmas gifts

All our Christmas gift items can be purchased in store on online.

The Angell Pets Team

Angell Pets Christmas Opening Times

Angell Pets is OPEN over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. We close for only three days a year. Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. We are OPEN every other day of the year.

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Angell Pets Christmas opening times are as follows:-

Christmas Eve – 9am – 6pm

Christmas Day – CLOSED

Boxing Day – CLOSED (I will be at the shop for one hour from 11am to 12 noon feeding the animals if you are really stuck)

Friday 27th December – 10am – 4pm

Saturday 28th December – 9am – 6pm

Sunday 29th December – 10am – 4pm

Monday 30th December – 9am – 6pm

Tuesday 31st December – 9am – 6pm

New Years Day – CLOSED (again I will be in for an hour at 11am to feed the animals)

Thursday 2nd January – back to normal hours (9am to 6pm Mon – Sat, 10am to 4pm Sunday).

Any online orders will be picked and packed as normal but will be subject to Parcel Force’s own Christmas shutdown. Any Angell Pets online orders for FREE local delivery will be picked and delivered on days (evenings) when we are OPEN.

We will be delivering FREE to GL1, GL2, GL3 and GL4 post codes right up to Christmas Eve. So if you forget some one or need a last minute present or bag of dog food, order online or give Angell Pets a call to place your order and get it delivered FREE.

Angell Pet December discounts

Angell Pet wholesaler discounts new for December. Best Pets have issued their fantastic discounts for December. A host of excellent deals on some of the most popular brands.

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best pets december 2013

In this months wholesalers discounts are:-

King British goldfish food 55g. Normal price £3.79 – Angell Pet price now only £2.49

Kagesan sanded sheets blue 6’s and red 5’s. Normal price £1.55 – our price now only 99p

Whiskas tasty textures pouches (12x85g). Normal price £4.49 – Angell Pet price now only £3

Catit play circus. Normal price £13.69 – Angell Pet price now only £7.99

Eukanuba adult large breed 15kg. Normal price £52.99 – Angell Pet price now only £36.99

Wagg training treats. Normal price £1.00 – our price now 3 for the price of 2

Iams cat chicken 3kg. Normal price £16.49 – Angell Pet price now only £8.99

Applaws dog multi pack tins (5x156g). Normal price £7.79 – Angell Pet price now only £5.49

Best Pets premium wild bird food 2kg. Normal price £2.99 – Angell Pet price now buy one get one FREE

Go Cat adult cat 10kg. Normal price £24.60 – our price now only £16.49

Selective rabbit and guinea pig foods 3kg. Normal price £7.99 – Angell Pets price now buy one get one Cosi N Dry 8Lbedding FREE

Whiskas dry complete cat food 2kg. Normal price £6.32 – our  price now only £3.99

Smart Y Ball illuminating ball. Normal price £5.99 – Angell Pet price now only £3.49

Hills Science Plan feline adult cat 400g. Normal price £3.65 – Angell Pet price now buy 2 for £5

Add to this our FREE Angell Pet local delivery service and hundreds of Angell Pet web discounted items. See us instore on online to grab a bargain.