April 2021 Offers

Last chance for Aprils offers. The dog treats in particular are proving very popular this month.

Cheesy Sticks

Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks 80g ONLY £1.49 RRP £2.99

Training Treat Duck
Training Treat Venison

Hollings Training Treats Duck 75g ONLY £1.99 RRP £3.19

Hollings Training Treats Venison 75g ONLY £1.99 RRP £3.19

Burns Original Chicken

Burns Adult & Senior Dog Chicken & Brown Rice 2kg ONLY £6.99 RRP £10.39

Tetra Pond Stick

Tetra Pond Sticks 100g ONLY £2.89 RRP £4.15

Dreamies Cheese
Dreamies Chicken
Dreamies Salmon

Dreamies Chicken 60g ONLY £1 RRP £1.56

Dreamies Cheese 60g ONLY £1 RRP £1.56

Dreamies Salmon 60g ONLY £1 RRP £1.56

Pet Head 2 in 1

Pet Head Quick Fix 2 in 1 Shampoo 300ml ONLY £8.49 RRP £10.99

Mikki Nail Clipper

Mikki Nail Clipper Small ONLY £8.99 RRP £11.99

Buffalo Steaks

Buffalo Natural Dog Treats Steaks 200g ONLY £2.75 RRP £4.99

Buffalo Tails

Buffalo Natural Dog Treats Tails 200g ONLY £2.75 RRP £3.99

Peanut Butter Paw
Gravy Bones

Pointer Gravy Bones 1.5kg ONLY £3.49 RRP £5.69

Pointer Wheat Free Peanut Butter Paws 1.25kg ONLY £3.49 RRP £5.69

Lilys Kitchen Casserole

Lilys Kitchen Adult Dog Chicken & Turkey Casserole 400g ONLY £1.99 RRP £2.69

Burgess Cat Scottish Salmon
Burgess Cat Chicken & Duck

Burgess Cat Adult Scottish Salmon 1.5kg ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.99

Burgess Cat Adult Chicken & Duck 1.5kg ONLY £3.99 RRP £5.99

Purine One Chicken

Purina One Adult Cat Chicken 3kg ONLY £10.99 RRP £15.49

The Angell Pets Team

New Opening Times For Easter And Beyond

As the Government begins easing lockdown we have had another look at our opening times. We have put off the decision until now in case there was a need to re-enter lockdown, we didn’t want to keep extending and then reducing hours all the time. The first easing measure was the return of kids to school. We have monitored the situation and it seems very unlikely that this decision is going to be reversed, which means parents want to be able to call after picking up their kids. In the next couple of weeks, non essential shops will be reopening and as the vaccination program progresses at pace, the number of our own customers still needing local deliveries continues to fall.

With all this in mind, now seems like the best time to extend our opening hours back to pre-COVID levels.We have been working hard, remaining open throughout the pandemic and adding the additional evening delivery service. That’s why we will be taking full advantage of the Easter break to recharge and come back next week with extended opening hours.

Opening hours this weekend and onwards are as folows

Thursday 01/04/21 – 10am to 4pm

Good Friday – CLOSED

Saturday 03/04/21 – 10am – 4pm

Easter Sunday – CLOSED

Bank Holiday Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday 06/04/21 – Back to old hours – 10am – 5:30pm Tuesday to Saturday (1pm – 5:30pm Mondays)

Billie will also be going off for a few weeks on maternity leave at some time in April/May so there may be a need to introduce a lunchtime closing at that time but we’ll wait and see.

The Angell Pets Team