Royal Canin dog and cat food half price

Royal Canin cat and dog food at half RRP whilst stocks last. This is an in store offer only. Our web prices are 20% off RRP already on the whole Royal Canin range.

Selected Royal Canin cat food and selected Royal Canin dog food. We only have a few bags at these prices and at half price they will not be around for long. This is an in store offer only, so pop in as soon as you can to pick up your bargain.

Royal Canin half price

If you have not been in before make sure you sign up for our loyalty scheme whilst you are purchasing you half price Royal Canin food and collect loyalty points towards further savings on Royal Canin or anything else in store or online.

The selected half price Royal Canin dog and cat food will be at the front of the store to save you having to hunt around.


The Angell Pets Team


Doodlebone Harness new in

Doodlebone harness range new in stock for January. We have the full range of colours and sizes now in stock.

The Doodlebone harness is made from breathable air mesh fabric. The harness spreads the weight of the dog across the whole area of the chest, relieving pressure on the neck and shoulders. This prevents strain on the neck associated with pulling on a collar and reduces chafing on the shoulders associated with other types of harness.

The Doodlebone harness comes in a variety of funky colours giving a modern designer look rather than the old fashioned, more utilitarian, strap type harnesses.

The whole of the Doodlebone harness range are priced at £14.99 for all colours and sizes making them a very attractive purchase for the larger dog. For the smaller dog the style reduces the “all strap no dog” look of older type harnesses.

We have added the stylish Doodlebone harness to compliment our existing range of dog accessories, leads, collar and harnesses. They fit nicely between our economy ranges and higher end luxury products.

The Doodlesbone harness comes in


Doodlebone harness


doodlebone harness red


doodlebone harness blue

Mint Green

Doodlebone harness mint green


doodlebone harness biege


Doodlebone harness pink


doodlebone harness purple

Buy online or pop into the shop for a full fitting service for your new Doodlebone harness.

The Angell Pets Team

Pet supplies and livestock new in.

Pet supplies ranges continually change over time. We have new ranges and a lot of new livestock in for January. I have just spent two days putting new stock onto the system and the webstore and moving livestock round to make room for the new animals.

Hermanns tortoise

On Thursday we received new Yemen chameleons, marbled mantids and Hermann’s tortoises. On Friday we got in some lovely new Syrian hamsters (very tame), some new rats and gerbils. These are from a new breeder we are using for the first time and I must say that I am impressed with how well handled the animals all are. Normally it is down to us to tame them down when we first get them in but these ones are already there. We also carry a full range of pet supplies to suit these animals.


Every year, after the Christmas rush, I like to look at what is around and expand our range of pet supplies with new items. This year is no different and I have ordered new ranges again. The first of these is now in the shop and on the webstore. It was actually in two days ago but since it me who puts items on the system, it has taken this long to put out the pet supplies stock.

dog beds

New in the Happy Pet range of pet supplies are some nice dog beds form their “Tillie and Billie” line. I got these on a discount pet supplies deal so they have gone straight out on offer with up to over £12 off.

dog toy

We have also expanded the range of dog rope toys following the success of the Happy Pet “Knotties” range we started last year. The New “Flossin Fun” rope toys are now available at great prices and joins a growing range of bargain pet supplies.

dog toy

More toys are now on offer with the inclusion to our range of pet supplies of the new “Empty Nester” unstuffed toys and the return of the “Flat Liner” line.

cat bed

Happy Pet also carry the “Little Rascals” line of pet supplies. We have started to stock these too, beginning with some “Little Rascal” kitten teasers and “Little Rascals” Night Night beds for cats and small dogs.

pet supplies

For small animal pet supplies we have again increased the range with the inclusion of the small animal Play Ball in two sizes and the “Natural Playball” in a smaller size. We also have in some old favourites such as the small wood tunnel and “Playstix” that always remain popular and of course the Chinchilla Coco Fun toy that is as popular for parrots as it is for chinchillas.

pet suppliespet supplies

In pet supplies for birds we have some more toys and ladders and the return of the Cozzzy Hut refuges for small and medium birds. We also have some new bird swings and of course we are always on the look out for new reasonably priced parrot toys so we have a new large wooden ladder/toy to add to our ever increasing range. We have also expanded the size range of the Happy Pet Branch perches. These excellent natural perches encourage natural behaviour and are available at very reasonable prices. The largest is only  £3.19. Webstore users also keep a look out for further expansion of this range in the coming weeks. We actually carry a lot more pet supplies than are currently on the site but I am gradually working my way through our stock and parrot toys are the next area for me to look at.

pet supplies

For reptile pet supplies we have strengthened our range with the expansion of the “Canopy” line of decor for the vivarium. The Jungle Canopy now sits alongside the popular Woodland and Rainforest Canopies. We have also included some new substrates for reptiles and invertebrates to compliment our existing range. The new Komodo Invertebed and Tortoise Eco Terrain sit alongside the existing Pro Rep Spider Life and Tortoise Life lines.

For our full range of pet supplies visit us instore, call us or shop online for even more bargains.

The Angell Pets Team

APL working dog food shortage

APL working dog food will be in short supply for a few weeks. Due to a fire in the factory resulting in the loss of one of the production lines, the manufacturers are having to stream line production for a number of weeks.

Unfortunately this means production of the bottom end lines has had to make way for the more popular items in the range. We still have some APL working dog food left but when this is gone we will not be able to get any more until March.

In the intervening period we will of course source an suitable alternative and keep sufficient stocks of that available for our regular customers. Although the alternative actually cost us more we will be keeping the price the same.

This ONLY effects a few lines and only the working dog is completely unavailable at the moment. Most other lines in the APL range are not effected at all (one – Fish and potato with Allergy X – has a temporary shortage of one particular size).

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused but we are trying to get the situation returned to normal ASAP so we can resume supplying APL working dog food.


The Angell Pets Team

Discount dog food January offer

Discount dog food and treats for January. Just a couple more deals to add to our list of fantastic offers this month.

Hi Life Natures Essentials pouches (8pack) now half price

discount dog food

Royal Canin Educ low calorie training treats now only 49p a pack

discount dog food

Keep coming back for more discount dog food and treats this month.

The Angell Pets Team

January special offer

Our January special offer start today. This is the first of a range of superb discounts on our range of pet products.

Our wholesaler Best Pets has regular monthly offers and here is January’s list.

Best Pets January

All these special offers are also available online

Keep you eye out for more special offers in the coming weeks.

The Angell Pets Team



Angell Pets back online

Angell Pets webstore was offline for a few days over Christmas. This was due to technical issues over the transfer of the domain name from our old site to the newer webstore. It appears the job was only half done.

angell pets

After two days of phone calls, emails and banging my head on the desk (it seemed to help!) the Angell Pets webstore is back up and running. Unfortunately if anyone sent us any stock enquiries to we would not have received them so I am afraid you will have to send them again or give us a call at the shop.

Sorry for any inconvenience whilst the Angell Pets site was down. Now it is back up you can shop, order and get delivery (FREE locally) of our huge (and growing) range of stock.

Just one more thing. If you can’t see what you want, it doesn’t mean we don’t stock it. It may just be that we haven’t yet got it onto the Angell Pets site. So call us and ask and you may find we can get it for you cheaper than you can get elsewhere.

The Angell Pets Team