Pet Shop Gloucester new range

Pet shop Gloucester new ranges in stock today.

Following the trade show last week we now have some great new ranges in stock in our pet shop Gloucester. Today we have just put out onto the shelves a range of Pet Rebellion car, floor and feeding mats.

Pet shop Gloucester

These absorbant, all grip, no slip mats are sylishly designed to protect your floors and carpets from the worst exesses of your furry friends. There are aborbant food mats to catch the spills from the more messy eaters, barrier rugs for placing at entrances to stop the spread of muddy paw prints (sized for dogs or for cats to go by the cat flap) and car protectors to help make the boot lining last just that bit longer!

As an added benefit these attractive mats are also machine washable, so easy to keep clean. We try our best to ensure all our pet shop Gloucester dog and cat products (beds, etc) are easy clean or machine washable for you convenience too,

We have checked our pet shop Gloucester prices and they are equal to or less than what you commonly  find these for on the internet, so the price is right too.

Pop into our pet shop Gloucester to have a look at these superb products and save your self hours of scrubbing floors and carpets or, if you are like me, save money paying someone else to do it for you!

The Angell Pets Team

Pet shop Gloucester Easter Opening Hours

We are open all over Easter. The opening hours are as follows.

  • Friday 10am to 4pm
  • Saturday 9am to 6pm
  • Sunday 10am to 4pm
  • Monday 10am to 4pm

Back to normal on Tuesday. Don’t forget we have several offers on over the weekend including.

  • 20% off ALL bird cages.
  • 10% off ALL Harrisons wild bird feeders.
  • 15% off ALL 4kg bags of Royal Canin cat food.
  • Royal Canin mini adult 8kg bags for £29.99 (normal price £37)
  • 10% off old label APL cat and dog food and treats (only a few left).
  • Several end on line offers (way over 50% off some items)
  • £5 or £10 off next purchase of Canagan dog food.
  • 30% off RRP on Woof dog beds

All these offers are whilst stocks last so take advantage of the holiday and pop in and grab a bargain.

The Angell Pets Team

Pet shop Gloucester new range of parrot toys at prices that beat Amazon

Pet shop Gloucester trade show ranges now coming into stock.

Last week we visited the annual PATS show at Sandown. It’s one of those shows you take your credit card to and hope you get away without spending too much money.On the other hand you can come away with some fantastic deals and we have. These have started to arrive at our pet shop Gloucester and appearing on our shelves.

We have some new wooden and rope parrot toys in stock at great prices and a new range of natural loofah parrot toys at prices below those on Amazon (lowest price on Amazon 25/03/13 – £5.50) at £4.99.

Pet shop Gloucester parrot toys

The deal we achieved has also allowed us to drop the price of all our bird cages (finch to parrot) by a whopping 20% off until the 1st of April (Easter Monday). This is whilst current stocks last though so get in quick. Don’t forget our pet shop Gloucester is open all over the bank holiday weekend as usual.

Pet shop Gloucester parrot cages

We have more fantastic deals coming into our pet shop Gloucester over the next week or two from the show so keep a look out for announcements.

Our subscriber list will obviously be informed as and when these offers come available so to receive these updates and a 10% discount (on top of those already mentioned) register your email address on our pet shop Gloucester website

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Canagan cat food – NEW IN to our pet shop Gloucester

We took delivery at our pet shop Gloucester yesterday of the new Canagan cat food. Inititially we have 375g and 1.5kg bags in stock but will be getting the larger sizes.

pet shop gloucester

Canagan is a biologically appropriate UK sourced food for dogs and now also for cats. It is grain free and has a high meat content, just what cats eat in the wild. Click here to visit their website for more details.

Prices of the new cat food make it a very attractive alternative to the more traditional “premium foods”. These foods have all gone up in price this month as well so the price is even more attractive. 375g bags are only £2.99 and 1.5kg bags are from £11.99 (£12.99 for the salmon). Compare that to Hills which were £13.49 and have just gone up. As it is grain free (cats do not need grain in their diet, it’s just a filler) you feed less as well.

Pop in to our pet shop Gloucester and give it a try or call us and order (free delivery for local customers). Don’t forget to register for your 10% discount on the right first.


The Angell Pets Team

Wild bird feeders sale

Wild bird feeders made by Harrisons are on sale at 10% off for the rest of March.

We have excess stock and the shelves are looking a bit crowded (as you can see) and we need to have a bit of a clear out. These top quality wild bird feeders come in cast aluminium, brass finish and brushed steel. They are robust yet stylish and very practical. With 10% off they are excellent value as well.

Wild bird feeders

Wild bird feeders 10% off

 For  real bargain wild bird feeders pop in and see us. We have seed, meal worm, peanut and sunflower heart feeders on offer as well as bird feeding stations and poles.

The Angell Pets Team

Pet shop Gloucester advice series – good hygiene

Pet shop Gloucester advice on avoiding infection from animals through good hygiene.

All animals have the potential to carry organisms (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, multicellular parasites) that can cause disease in humans. The most obvious and common is E.coli bacteria. We carry this ourselves, that’s why you should wash your hands after going to the toilet. Another common one is salmonella, potentially carried by a host of animals including reptiles and birds.

The commonest way of spreading these disease causing organisms is through faecal material (poop), urine, saliva and breath (in the water droplets). So on the face of it owning an animal seems to be a bad thing to do if you want to avoid being ill.

Well you actually stand more chance of being infected by disease from another human than you do from an animal, wild or a pet. How many people do you know who don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet or before preparing food, after blowing their nose, who sneeze, pick their nose, cough and splutter all over the place when they have a cold or worse and every one knows the story about the research into how many individual samples of human urine can be found on bar snacks! I even gave myself food poisoning recently, most likely from blue cheese, although I can’t be sure.

pet shop Gloucester

Humans eh! Dirty, horrible things.

With regard to animals, especially pet animals, the risk can be greatly reduced by ALWAYS following a basic set of rules. It is common sense really when you think about it but it does no harm to reiterate the rules here. You wouldn’t lick a rat’s bottom (I would hope not anyway!) but that is exactly what you are doing if, after handling your pet rat, you bite that little bit of hang nail off or wipe your mouth with the back of your hand.

  • Do not do anything that involves putting your hands near your face whilst handling any pet animal. This includes eating, drinking, smoking, sucking your thumb!
  • Keep your pet’s enclosure clean and dry generally. Remove soiled bedding and use a disinfectant appropriate to the species (household disinfectants can be toxic to animals).
  • Wash you hands IMMEDIATELY after handling you pet or cleaning its enclosure. Also after handling anything your pet touches such as toys, dog beds, scratch posts etc.
  • Do not kiss your pet or hold it close to your face, that’s what humans are for.
  • Cover any cuts, abrasions, sores or scratches with a water proof dressing before handling or cleaning. Also if you pick up any new ones in the process clean these and apply  a suitable dressing.
  • Don’t keep animals in rooms used to prepare food. Never let them walk on food surfaces and don’t wash animal items in sinks used for human food utensils. If you have no choice, always thoroughly disinfect the sink and surrounding work surfaces afterwards and don’t use the same cloths for both.
  • Don’t let animals onto your bed and especially not your pillow.

Follow these rules and you shouldn’t end up as one of the many people with an undiagnosed gastrointestinal infection (24 hour bout of diarrhoea) or one of the very rare cases of rat hantavirus (the only two cases of this flu like disease I know of in the UK were breeders who were in constant contact with rats but clearly didn’t have sufficient infection control).

If you are sensible pets have been shown to reduce disease in humans but if you lick a rat’s bum (figuritively speaking), expect the worst!

Keep visiting for more pet shop Gloucester advice.

The Angell Pets Team

Pet Shop Gloucester March offers

Pet shop Gloucester offer sheet for March. Please CLICK BELOW for this months offers.

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