Christmas gift ideas

It is difficult enough to buy gifts for kids at Christmas. Often presents from relatives remain untouched after the intial buzz of Christmas mornings. If the present is an animal this is obviously a serious issue. It needs caring for even if it is not really wanted.

Instead of buying a pet for Christmas how about buying a kit or starter set up. Then after Christmas, when all the excitement has died down, the child can come and pick out an animal to go with the kit.

Christmas gift ideas


No animals to worry about caring for on the run up to Christmas whilst trying to keep the present a secret and if it turns out they didn’t really want a pet then there are only inanimate objects to sell as “unwanted” gifts and not a living creature to find a new home for.

We have a large range of set ups and starter kits for sale from a few pounds to complete reptile kits. Also complete fish tank kits in attractive packaging that make ideal gifts at resonable prices.

pet shop gloucester aqua 40


How about a millipede set up, spider, scorpion, stick insect or landsnail. Everything you need to care for these interesting and easy to care for creatures that, after Christmas, would make an excellent pet for a child. Have you been pestered all year for a snake or lizard. Why not buy the set up and come in after the day to select a pet at your leisure.

We are open over the holiday period, so you won’t have to put up with the badgering for long!

Also, more kids get money at Christmas now than ever before. You could wait until the new year to go with them to select a set up for a pet and put up with all the pleading in between, or you could pop in and see us, We don’t have time off between Christmas and new year so you can.

Order your set up online now or call us to put together a bespoke kit to suit your needs. Better still, if you can, pop in and see us so we can show you what is on offer and you can get to see the animals too.


The Angell Pets Team


Royal Canin FREE bags offer

Royal Canin are offering FREE 400g bags of cat food. To get a FREE bag of Royal Canin cat food visit their website and register.

Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved


Royal Canin will then ask you to enter the details of your local stockist. Enter our details (Angell Pets, 4 Mead Road, Abbeymead, Gloucester. GL4 5GL). Royal Canin will then send you a voucher in the post. This voucher can be redeemed in our shop against a FREE bag of Royal Canin cat food. We have purchased extra stock to ensure everyone can get a FREE bag.

These vouchers are only redeemable at the shop. If you are a website customer and wish to take advantage you still can. You will need to give us a call, pay a small delivery charge and we will send you your bag on receipt of your voucher by post. Please note we can only accept vouchers with our shop details on.


So if you want to give Royal Canin cat food a try at no cost to yourself, get registered and bring in your voucher. This is a FREE offer so we do not expect stocks to last forever. You will need to get in quick to ensure you can get the bag you want from the Royal Canin range on offer.



Juwel aquarium web offer

Juwel aquarium web offer until 31/01/14. We are very pleased to offer Juwel tanks and cabinets at superb prices until the end of January next year.

Our Juwel tanks are usually set at prices over 20% below RRP. For the next three months we have and extra 10% off these already low prices.

Juwel aquarium


Juwel Rio 125 tank, RRP £289, our usual price £227, now only £205

Juwel Rio 125 cabinet, RRP £149, or usual price £117, now only £106

Juwel Rio 180 tank, RRP £339, our usual price £269, now only £242

Juwel Rio 180 cabinet. RRP £189, our usual price £149, now only £134

Juwel Rio 240 tank, RRP £449, our usual price £355, now only £320

Juwel Rio 240 cabinet, RRP £215, our usual price £168, now only £151

Juwel Rio 300 tank, RRP £725, our usual price £574, now only £517

Juwel Rio 300 cabinet, RRP £255, our usual price £199, now only £179

Juwel Rio 400 tank, RRP £995, our usual price £789, now only £710

Juwel Rio 400 cabinet, RRP £275, our usual price £218, now only £196

Juwel Trigon 190 tank, RRP £539, our usual price £425, now only £382

Juwel Trigon 190 cabinet, RRP £239, our usual price £189, now only £170

Juwel Trigon 350 tank, RRP £1095, our usual price £868, now only £781

Juwel Trigon 350 cabinet, RRP £295, our usual price £235, now only £211

We will be adding more of the Juwel aquarium range to our website over the next week or so, including the economy Rekord and the luxury Vision. Thease are avaiable to order at the offer prices from now but will take a little time to upload to the site. If you want a price for one of these Juwel aquarium ranges, just give uas a call or drop us a line and we will get back to you with price and availability.

This Juwel aquarium web offer is for all sizes and all colours of the whole Juwel aquarium range. Some colours are more popular and at these prices could sell out quickly. If you want to take advantage of these excellent juwel aquarium offer, do get in quick to ensure you can get the Juwel aquarium of your choice,

Normal lead times for delivery are up to two weeks from order confrimation. For local delivery (sorry we cannot offer our normal FREE local delivery for these items due to their large size) lead times are one week for instock items.

So if you have been wanting a fish tank for a while but were put off by the price, want to get one for yourself or a loved one for Christmas, or have read this blog and thought “I fancy that”, then take advantage of these fantastic prices whilst you can. Of course the after sales advice on setting up your prized possesion is FREE. We are not your normal webstore that is willing and able to sell you a tank but is not able to help you after that.

One of the added benefits of the Juwel aquarium range is that they are very easy to set up and to maintain. I should know, I’ve had a Juwel Trigon 190 at home for quite a few years now and have a Juwel Rio 125 set up in the shop. Being a very busy man I have to have something easy to maintain and the Juwel range fits the bill very well as well as remaining one of the most attractive out there and having a good range of decor and accessories designed to fit your tank.

The Angell Pets Team

Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved independant retailers forum

Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved dog and cat foods are both produced by Crown Petfoods. Crown have just held an invitaion only independant retailers forum event near their head quarters in Somerset.

Royal Canin adn James WellbelovedRoyal Canin and James Wellbeloved


Each of their Sales reps were asked to invite thier top retailers to the event, with places limited to only 100 Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved retailers UK wide. We were invited to attend and Kim represented us at the event.

Included over the two days of the event were seminars by some of the countries top retail specialists, including Mary Potas, from a variety of disciplines (internet marketing, POS instore marketing, social media etc.). These people were their to give guidance and advice to the retailers present on how to keep their businesses relevant and competitive in an ever changing market place.

Kim came away with a few main impressions of the event and of Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved. Firstly a big positve for us. At one point one of the speakers asked the audience “who is doing all that we have discussed here already”. No one was, except – yes, that’s right, us. Whilst this was a big feather in our cap, unfortunately what Kim came away with was a disappointing impression of the bulk of the independants as being very resistant to change, negative about any advice given on how to move with the times and having an incredibly short sighted view of their industry. She is convinced that most only went along for the free entertainment and bar and completely missed the point of the event which was to help their businesses survive.

On a more positive note she also gained an appreciation of how much others are doing to try to support independant retailers. For example Mary Portas’s campaign to reduce the rediculously high business rates that are crippling small businesses (on our small shop, in a suburban location, they are nearly £700 a month! – and they don’t even empty your bins for that – that has to be done privately at extra cost).

Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved themselves are trying to educate and provide support to their retailers. Sadly a lot of this support seems to be inspite of the retailers themselves rather than alongside them. I am the first to complain (and have to Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved) about the unfairness of trying to compete with unlicenced, unqualified, non business rate and tax paying, amateur internet traders and with supermarkets who have no interest in pets or their owners other than to take their money. But when someone is trying to do the right thing and offer support we should work with them rather than throw their help back in their face, as seems to have happened at this event organised for us by Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved.

To finish on a positive note, Kim also had a tour of the factory and she left there very impressed with the cleanliness of the factory itself and the dedication of the staff she met. Defintely not what you would expect  from a factory making food for pets and from her description, cleaner than some of the human food manufacturing sites I used to visit when I was a fork lift engineer.

So thank you to Crown ( Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved ) for putting on the event and entertainment (and appologies to Steven K Amos for the drunken, racist moron Kim was unfortunate enough to find herself on a table with during the evening). Some of us appreciated the support for our sector and realise that the value an independant offers over the less able online sellers out there needs to be shown to people for them to realise it.

So what do we offer then, I suppose is the next logical question to ask ourselves. Well, we have an active social media presence where our customers can interact with us and engage in conversation with us at their convenience and this is a good starting point. Information (this blog) and advice on issues important to our customers. A You Tube channel. Qualified and experienced staff (look at what George has been up to so far this year, studying on an African game reserve and  working on EU sponsored conservation projects on the other side of the world) who know what they are talking about and who are willing to impart that knowledge when asked. Free home delivery in our locality and low delivery rates further afield. A well stocked shop and access to an even wider range of products through our extensive network of suppliers coupled with knowledge about the products we supply (we are trained and qualified Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved nutritional advisors). Extra services such as micro chipping, nail clipping, sexing of animals, water testing, advice on pet health care. A webstore with all the stock available instore plus a lot more that we can’t put on the shelves because of space. Convenient opening times (we are still open for the afterwork shoppers) and convenient local delivery times (in the evening when you are in, rather than during the day when you are out at work. school etc.). A free education service to local schools and clubs – school talks, fetes, parties etc.

Lastly we are contactable (telephone, two websites, email, facebook and I suppose if you really wanted, snail mail) and of course we actually have a premises you can visit and a face (even if it is mine) you can talk to if needed. In a world where you are becoming further and further away from the decision makers and persons in authority (try making a complaint to a large company and you will see what I mean) this is a very valuable asset.

So in what is a very competitive market I think we have a lot to offer. We may not always be the cheapest (although we very often are!) but I have always thought and Kim now thinks too, after seeing some of the others, that we are one of the best. If this seems like blowing my own trumpet, well – I don’t really do shy and retiring I suppose, now do I ?

Richard Angell and The Angel Pets Team

Christmas gifts for pets

Christmas gifts for pets are now in stock.

We have a range of Christmas gifts for pets instore and online. Here’s a small sample of what we have on offer this year. Christmas gifts for pets such as dogs, cats, small mammals and reptiles as well as a range of novelty items such as reptile or spider tinsel for your tree.

Advent calendars


Dog, cat, small animal and reptile stockings

Selection packs

Seasonal cat and dog toys

Dog gift sets

Cat gift sets


Novelties for reptiles

Novelties for dogs


Chrismas gifts for pets


Obviously all the “chocolate” treats we sell in our Christmas gifts for pets range are not real chocolate but are pet safe (usually carob). Please make sure you do not allow your pet access to real chocolate this Christmas (or at any time). It is toxic to animals and can lead to serious illness (and a hefty vets bill) and even death. The effects in dogs and other animals can be cumulative, they build up, so even the odd little bit is really bad for them and can lead to liver failure.

So if you want to treat your dog make sure you buy from our safe range of Christmas gifts for pets.


The Angell Pets Team

Pet shop Gloucester November special offers

Pet shop Gloucester special offers. This November we have some great offers from our wholesaler. This month there are several lines that are already popular with our customers, so there are some great savings to be made instore without having to buy a different brand. For example Hills Feline Mature tuna 2kg for only £11.99 (normal price £16.99)

Click the link for this months pet shop Gloucester offers. These offers are available instore and online.

Pet shop Gloucester November offers


The Angell Pets Team