Gloucester Pet Shop Increases Stock – Some Old Favourites, Some New Lines

We are always looking to increase the range of stock we hold in store in our Gloucester pet shop. We have just reorganised the shop floor again to enable us to get a new order of stock in this week. We have restocked with some old favourites that are popular with our customers but that we cannot get through our regular weekly deliveries from our normal wholesalers and we have also added some new lines. One of the new lines is actually both. It is a new brand to replace the brand we used to stock but can no longer get. Turns out to be the same product with a different label.

Komodo Nano Vivariums

gloucester pet shop

These are our favourite enclosures at our Gloucester pet shop for housing tarantulas and other inverts. like mantids. They are glass, so easy to clean, well ventilated and stakable (for the larger collections. The larger sizes can also be used for small amphibians or reptiles (some of the smaller gecko species). We have stocked these before and they are always popular but due to minimum order levels are not always available.

Komodo Terraced Water Bowls

Gloucester pet shop

These heavy resin bowls will grace any vivarium. Will not be overturned by even the most active of lizards or snakes. We always sell out of these quite quickly. I have just found out the real reason they were on the order though. Billie wanted one to match the hides she has in her hognose viv. Cheek.

Hugs Dog Beds In Grape And Teal

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We have a new range of Hugs dog beds in stock at our Gloucester pet shop in two attractive colours. These come in rectangular and oval formats and compliment our other ranges of beds already held at the store. Theyt are also very reasonably priced considering their stylish design.

Geo Range Of Cat Scratchers

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This is a new product and we only have one model from the range in so we can make ourselves familiar with the product. They looked good in the brochure but we like to know what we are selling. From first look the model we have in stock looks like a winner and again is very reasonable priced as it is an activity toy as well as a scratcher.

Happy Pet Bird Toys

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A return of a range of old favourites to our Gloucester pet shop. With a couple of exceptions, we have stocked all these toys before and they sell out quickly everytime. Good value and will keep the fussiest of birds occupied for hours. We also have a couple of new items to expand the range further.

Happy Pet Crafty Creatures Range

gloucester pet shop

Back by poular demand, this range of soft dog toys in the shape of some of the animals we sell!. Spiders, geckos and chameleons. We also have Chuckie the chimp back in our Gloucester pet shop for the first time at Hucclecote.We stopped stocking him at Southgate Street because the drunks would continually set him off and it drove Bille mad. Not a problem we have now we are out of town thank goodness, so Chucky’s back.

Komodo Turtle Food Range

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We stocked a very popular turtle food product range for a number of years. However the supplier became less and less reliable, to the point where we were finding placing an order a bit of a lottery as to what, if anything, we would recieve. We have been looking for a suitable replacement and have been disappointed with the alternative products. We saw this new range in the brochure and thought it looked good. Turns out it is the old product supplied under a their own brand name via one of our other suppliers. Result. We have limited numbers of each item this time round because we were not certain how good it would be. Now we know it is our old product, so popular with our existing customers we will order more next time.

Jelly Pots

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We always have a range of different flavour jelly pots in store but now we have even more. All the favourites with some exotic additions like melon. Always popular with birds, reptiles and invertebrates.

We will obviously keep trawling the trade press for new and innovitive products to stock in our Gloucester pet shop so keep up to date by visiting the store, checking out this blog or our Facebook page, visiting our webstore or signing up to receive regualr updates. Of course you could do all of the above.

Wild Bird Food And Accessories 10% Off

As part of our 10 year celebrations we have anothe 10% offer. ALL wild bird food, feeders and accessories are 10% off for the rest of this week.

Our wild bird food prices are very compettative normally so with this extra 10% off you can grab a real bargain. With the loss of a local competitor people have expected us to put prices up but we don’t work like that. We would rather welcome new customers with lower prices than they used to pay and reward our existing customers with continued good service and supermarket beating value.

So pop in and grab a wild bird food bargain, or replace that old damaged feeder or maybe get a bird table whilst you get an extra 10% off marked price. Check out the prices in our webstore. You can order to collect in store if you wish or just give us a ring on 01452501882. Don’t forget we have plenty of FREE parking on site and are conveniently situated on the main road out of Gloucester and on the no.10 bus route between Cheltenham and Gloucester.

The Angell Pets Team

Gloucester Reptile Shop 10% Discount On Vivariums

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of our Gloucester reptile shop we have 10% off all Exo Terra and Viv Exotic vivariums for the rest of this week (until Saturday 13th July 2019).

Gloucester reptile shop

Exo Terra glass terraiums make excellent enclosures for some of the higher humidity species we stock in our Gloucester reptile shop. Species such as crested geckos, frogs and other amphibians, chamleons and water dragons.

Gloucester pet shop

Viv Exotic are an ever expanding brand and make wooden, glass fronted vivariums with excellent ventilation, for anything from a Kotschys gecko, leopard gecko and other smaller reptiles, up to larger snakes and monitor lizards.

gloucester retille shop

We stock both ranges of vivariums in our Gloucester reptile shop as well as all the ancillary equipment, the reptiles themselves and a good range of live, dried and frozen foods.

We also sell and can give expert advice on complete packages for all the reptiles and amphibians we have in stock and have access to even more by pre-order. Do pop in and see us in our Gloucester reptile shop. Out of town, with easy access by car or bus and with ample FREE parking in our parades large private carpark

The Angell Pets Team

July Offers

Angell Pets Gloucester pet shop July special offers now avaiable. We have a great list of special offers again this month. All offers are available in our Gloucester pet shop and on line in our webstore. These offers are always popular so you may wish to call on 01452 501882 to check we still have what you require in stock or messaging us on our Facebook page.

Nature Diet Purely Chicken

Nature Diet Purely Chicken Single 390g ONLY £1.00 RRP £1.50

Hollings Sprats 100g

Hollings Sprats 100g ONLY £2.25 RRP £3.19

Hollings Sprats 400g

Hollings Sprats 400g ONLY £6.99 RRP £9.99

Felix As Good As It Looks

Felix As Good As It Looks Favourite Selection In Jelly 88 x 100g ONLY £21.99 RRP £33.00

Bakers Sizzlers

Bakers Sizzlers 120g ONLY £1.00 RRP £1.89

Tasty Bites Cubes
Tasty Bites Slices

Pedigree Tasty Bites Chewy Slices Beef ONLY £1.00 RRP £1.50

Pedigree Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes Chicken ONLY £1.00 RRP £1.50

Catsan Hygiene Litter

Catsan Hygiene Litter 10L ONLY £5.69 RRP £7.89

Good Boy Chewy Chicken Twists

Good Boy Deli Chewy Twists 90g ONLY £1.49 RRP £2.99

Good Boy Chewy Chicken Strips

Good Boy Chewy Strips 100g ONLY £1.49 RRP £2.99

Tetra Pond Sticks

Tetra Pond Sticks 7L ONLY £11.00 RRP £17.50

Excel Rbbit Adult

Excel Rabbit Adult 2kg ONLY £3.79 RRP £4.80

Peckish Complete Seed

Peckish Complete Seed 2kg + 50% ONLY £3.99 RRP £4.99

Johnsons One Dose Wormer

Johnsons Dog One Dose Wormer Size 2 ONLY £4.59 RRP £5.59

Ancol Extreme Harness Black

Ancol Extreme Dog Harness Black 68 – 86cm ONLY £19.99 RRP £29.99

Whimzee Variety Box Medium

Whimzee Variety Box Medium 24 Pack ONLY £11.49 RRP £19.77

Chudleys Rabbit Royale

Chudleys Rabbit Royale 15kg ONLY £10.99 RRP £15.69

Simple Solutions Stain Remover For Cats

Simple Solutions Stain Remover Cat 750ml ONLY %5.49 RRP £6.49

Simple Solutions Stain Removers For Dogs

Simple Solutions Stain Remover Dog 750ml ONLY £5.49 RRP £7.49

The Angell Pets Team