March Offers

Angell Pets March 2017 offers are now in store and also available on line. We have, once again done a price comparison with our leading competitors where possible. Not everyone stocks the huge range we do so we can only compare where they list the product. We notice again that even when these products are not on our monthly offers, our prices are still way below places like Pets At Home.

Burgess kitten

Burgess Kitten Chicken 1.5kg ONLY £2.99 RRP £4.91

Burgess cat chicken & duck

Burgess Cat Chicken & Duck 1.5kg ONLY £2.99 RRP £4.91

Burgess cat salmon

Burgess Cat Salmon 1.5kg ONLY £2.99 RRP £4.91

Dentastix large dog

Pedigree Dentastix 28 Sticks

Small ONLY £4.25 RRP £6.90 Pets At Home price £7.29, Jolley’s price £5, Asda price £4.50

Medium ONLY £4.49 RRP £7.98 Pets At Home Price £8.29, Jolley’s price £6, Morrisons price £7.70

Large ONLY £4.75 RRP £9.15 Pets at Home price £9.69, Jolley’s price £7, Morrisons price £8.57

Bestpets straw

Bestpets Compressed Straw Large ONLY £2.39 RRP £3.26

Felix mixed selection

Felix Mixed Variety Pack 12 x 400g Tin ONLY £6.75 RRP £7.99

Sheba Chicken Fillet

Sheba Classic Soup Pouches 4 x 40g Pets at Home price £1.99, Morrisons £1.70, Sainsbury’s £2.25

Chicken Fillet ONLY £1.29 RRP £1.99

Tuna Fillet ONLY £1.29 RRP £1.99

Ocean Fillet ONLY £1.29 RRP £1.99

Selective garden sticks

Selective Naturals Small Animal Garden Sticks ONLY £1.99 RRP £2.99 Pets At Home £2.99

Selective meadow loops

Selective Naturals Small Animal Meadow Loops ONLY £1.99 RRP £2.99

Winalot mixed variety

Winalot Mixed Variety 12 x 400g Tin ONLY £5.99 RRP £7.99

Arden grange adult large breed

Arden Grange Adult Large Breed 12kg ONLY £29.99 RRP £36.80 Pets At Home £39.49, Waitrose £35.28

Tetra goldfish flake

Tetra Goldfish Flake 52g ONLY £2.69 RRP £4.10 Pets At Home £4.25

Breederpack cat complete

Breederpack Cat Crunchy Complete 15kg ONLY £17.99 RRP £23.99

Harringtons salmon

Harringtons Hypoallergenic Salmon & Sweet Potato 2kg ONLY £3.49 RRP £5.49

Harringtons Turkey

Harringtons Hypoallergenic Turkey & Brown Rice 2kg ONLY £3.49 RRP £5.49

AATU puppy

AATU Puppy Salmon 85/15 1.5kg ONLY £12.99 RRP £20.49

Kong barnyard sheep

Kong Barnyard Knots Sheep Small ONLY £4.99 RRP £7.49

simple solutions cat

Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover Cat 750ml ONLY £4.99 RRP £6.49 Pets At Home £8.50

simple solutions spring breeze

Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover Dog Spring Fresh ONLY £4.99 RRP £6.99 Pets At Home £7.50

All orders over £5 qualify for FREE local delivery.

The Angell Pets Team

Old £5 Notes

The old paper £5 note goes out of legal tender on May 5th 2017. After this date they will have to be exchanged by the holder with the bank of England.

We will accept the old note up until the 4th of May 2017 (to enable us to bank any cash on the morning of the 5th). After this date we will only accept the new polymer based £5 notes. We do not expect this to cause any issues for our customers as the old notes are being phased out by the banks at a rate that means very few will be in circulation by the withdrawal date.

If you do end up with old fivers after the withdrawal date the Bank of England has an excellent site that details what to do with old notes (of any description).


The Angell Pets Team

February Offers At Your Gloucester Pet Shop

Our February offers are now available in store at our Gloucester pet shop over the telephone and on line. However you choose to order you can get some fantastic bargains and, if you live in Gloucester, Cheltenham or Painswick have them delivered to your door for FREE (delivery charges apply to the rest of the UK – see on line).

Whiskas Casserole Fish Selection and Poultry Selection 12x85g pouches ONLY £2.99 SAVE £1.50

Iams Cat Chicken

Iams Cat Adult Chicken 3kg ONLY £6.99 LESS THAN HALF PRICE

Pet Munchies Chicken Breast Fillet

Pet Munchies Chicken Breast Fillet 100g ONLY £1.99 SAVE 33%

Sanicat Antibacterial

Sanicat Antibacterial Cat Litter 25Ltr ONLY £8.49 SAVE £3.00

Winalot Tins

Winalot Classic Chunks in Jelly and Casserole Selection 6x400g ONLY £2.99 SAVE 20%

Chappie Complete

Chappie Complete (Beef and Chicken) 15kg ONLY £14.99 SAVE OVER £4.50

Burgess Wellbeing Cat Sensitive Chicken 1.5kg ONLY £8.49 SAVE £3.50

Supa Dried Mealworms

Supa Dried Mealworms 1 Ltr ONLY £4.99 SAVE £2.00

Good Boy Chomping Sticks

GB Extra Large Chomping Stix 40 Pack ONLY £7.50 SAVE £7.00

Natures Feast Snack Selection

Natures Feast Small Animal Snack Selection ONLY £2.99 SAVE £1.00

Dogstar Shampoo

Dogstar Shampoo (Bubble gum, Honey & shea butter, Pink grapefruit, Raspberry & vanilla, Zingy Lime) ONLY £2.19 SAVE OVER 26%

KB Tropical Flake Fish Food

King British Tropical Flake 55g ONLY £2.99 SAVE OVER 40%

Pointer Chicken Sticks

Pointer Sticks Chicken 3 for £1 (Only available in store or on telephone orders)


The Angell Pets Team