Meet The Angell Pets Team

The staff at you local pet shop are

Richard Angell BSc (Hons). Owner and founder of Angell pets Ltd. Dad and general dogsbody of the business and the family. I have kept dogs, tropical fish, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, a bull snake, tarantulas and used to breed ferrets (and beardies, leopard geckos, tarantulas, gerbils and rats). In the past have kept coldwater fish, birds (budgies, chickens, pheasants, ducks, even a gull once – long story), insects, horses, rabbits, ferrets (working) , gerbils and rats. I used to work in exotic animal business supplying the public, trade and zoos with everything from black widow spiders to coati mundis. I used to be operational manager of a major water treatment works and lectured on water treatment for BTEC certificate and diploma, so handy for testing your aquarium water for you. I have recently returned fully to work following to a serious spinal injury and a couple of life threatening illnesses. Long and complex diagnostic and corrective treatments before an eventual return to full time in the shop.

George Angell. No.1 son. George graduated in animal science with 1st class honours from the University of the West of England in 2015. He is also the winner of two awards for academic achievement at UWE. George has bred ferrets, royal pythons, corn snakes and birds of prey and used to keep lots of spiders. He has spent his time since graduating working on conservation projects all over the world including African game reserves, the Seychelles and Assumption island with vultures in Spain and in New Zealand. He has now returned to the UK and has worked in Oxforfd as a technical advisor and instructor for students using his expert knowledge of the natural environments of some of the animals they keep and we sell. George has also occasionally steps in in to assist his sister at weekends if required and writes articles and information for our blog, posts and caresheets.

Billie Angell. Only daughter and fellow director of the business and manager of the shop. Billie has completed her animal welfare and retail management apprenticeship. She has kept rabbits, tropical fish, hog nose and milk snakes and tree frogs and somehow manages to keep animals forever (her Syrian hamster lived to over five years old!). She also used to keep guinea pigs and stick insects, so she is very experienced in animal care. She is somehow ran the business entirely on her own dealing with all aspects of the back office and running the shop whilst I was off during my illness. She is an extremely hard working, responsible and knowledgeable young woman!

Francesca Budd. You may come across a rather bossy young lady rearranging the shelves as she sees fit. This is one of the two younger members of the family (grandchildren). If she says anything to you I have found it best to just agree to avoid the famous frown!