Angell Pets Current Livestock List

Time to post a new current livestock list for Angell Pets Hucclecote store. All are on our website but it’s good to put everything in one post from time to time. I have added a couple of “coming soon” items this time as the arrival of these animals is fairly imminent (next week or the week after). We are a little light on spiders this week  but we will be getting some more very soon. I haven’t added these to the list as I haven’t decided which we are getting yet.


  • Fruit Beetles
  • Deaths Head Cockroach
  • Madagascan Hissing Cockroach
  • Headlight Cockroach
  • Indian Stick Insect
  • Giant Spiny Stick Insect
  • Giant Prickly Stick Insect
  • Dwarf White Woodlice
  • Tropical Grey Woodlice
  • Giant Orange Woodlice
  • Argentinian Star Tarantula
  • Cameroon Red Baboon Spider
  • Flame Rump Tree Spider
  • Guyana Goliath Birdeater
  • Hati Hati Purple Tarantula
  • King Baboon Spider
  • Malaysian Earth Tiger
  • Mexican Red Rump Tarantula
  • Togo Starburst
  • African Land Snail
  • Giant Malaysian Shield Mantis *COMING SOON*


  • Alpine Newt
  • Whites Tree Frog
  • Albino Horned Frog *COMING SOON*


  • Rankins Dragon
  • Chinese Water Dragon *COMING SOON*
  • Leopard Gecko “Montanus”
  • Madagascan Giant Day Gecko
  • Kotschys Gecko
  • “Kastanie” Corn Snake
  • Milksnake
  • Kenyan Sand Boa
  • Common Boa
  • Carpet Python
  • “Chocolate” Royal Python *COMING SOON*
  • Marginated Tortoise


  • Timineh African Greyt Parrot
  • White Faced Cockatiel
  • Grey Cockatiel
  • Budgerigar
  • Java Sparrow
  • Zebra Finch
  • Yellow Canary
  • Orange Canary


  • Fancy Mouse
  • Dumbo Rat
  • Syrian Hamster
  • Gerbil
  • Guinea Pig *COMING SOON*
  • Lion Lop Rabbit


  • Coldwater *COMING SOON*
  • Temperate *COMING SOON*
  • Tropical *COMING SOON*

Please note our list changes daily. For example if I had writeen this before opening this morning it would also have contained guinea pigs in stock and a Yemen chameleon, so please get in touch to see what we have in our Angell Pets Hucclecote store on any given day. Alternatively visit our website.


The Angell Pets Team

Pet shop Gloucester new range of parrot toys at prices that beat Amazon

Pet shop Gloucester trade show ranges now coming into stock.

Last week we visited the annual PATS show at Sandown. It’s one of those shows you take your credit card to and hope you get away without spending too much money.On the other hand you can come away with some fantastic deals and we have. These have started to arrive at our pet shop Gloucester and appearing on our shelves.

We have some new wooden and rope parrot toys in stock at great prices and a new range of natural loofah parrot toys at prices below those on Amazon (lowest price on Amazon 25/03/13 – £5.50) at £4.99.

Pet shop Gloucester parrot toys

The deal we achieved has also allowed us to drop the price of all our bird cages (finch to parrot) by a whopping 20% off until the 1st of April (Easter Monday). This is whilst current stocks last though so get in quick. Don’t forget our pet shop Gloucester is open all over the bank holiday weekend as usual.

Pet shop Gloucester parrot cages

We have more fantastic deals coming into our pet shop Gloucester over the next week or two from the show so keep a look out for announcements.

Our subscriber list will obviously be informed as and when these offers come available so to receive these updates and a 10% discount (on top of those already mentioned) register your email address on our pet shop Gloucester website

The Angell Pets Team.