Livestock list

Below is a list of what we have at the time of this post. Updated 25/01/20.  We can also get birds and animals in to order if you can’t see what you are looking for.

Prices and stock levels can be found on Please note that animals cannot be purchase via the website, you must come in store to view the animal.

For any inquiries please email us on or call 01452 501882.


  • Fruit Beetles
  • Deaths Head Cockroach
  • Madagascan Hissing Cockroach
  • Headlight Cockroach
  • Indian Stick Insect
  • Sunny Stick Insect
  • Dwarf White Woodlice
  • Tropical Grey Woodlice
  • Giant Orange Woodlice
  • Stripe Knee Tatrantula – Unsexed Spiderling
  • White Striped Bird Eater – Unsexed Spiderling
  • Pygmy Fire Leg – Unsexed Spiderling
  • Togo Starburst – Unsexed Spiderling
  • Singapore Blue – Unsexed Spiderling
  • Mexican Rose Grey – Unsexed Spiderling
  • New Mexican Tarantula – Unsexed Spiderling
  • Usamburu Red Baboon – Unsexed Spiderling
  • Curly Hair Tarantula – Unsexed Spiderling
  • Asian Forest Scorpion – Unsexed
  • Mexican Fire Leg – Spiderling (Coming Soon)
  • Hati Hati Purple – Spiderling (Coming Soon)
  • Red Skeleton – Spiderling (Coming Soon)
  • Socotra Island Blue Baboon – Spiderling (Coming Soon)
  • Gooty Ornamental – Spiderling (Coming Soon)
  • Trinidad Chevron – Spiderling (Coming Soon
  • Guyana Tree Spider – Spiderling (Coming Soon)
  • Sazimas Tarantula – Spiderling (Coming Soon
  • Ecuador Yellow Banded – Spiderling (Coming Soon)
  • Neotropical Rhinoceros Beetle (Megasoma gyas porioni) Larvae (Coming Soon)
  • Orchid Mantis (Coming Soon)


  • Blue Legged Mantella Frog
  • Whites Tree Frog – Low Snowflake


  • Kotschys Gecko
  • Royal Python – Spark Male
  • Common Boa
  • Cornsnake – Tessera
  • Yemen Chameleon – Male
  • Crested Gecko
  • Spiny Tailed Montior
  • Hermanns Tortoise
  • Plumed Basilisk


  • Cockatiel Grey Male
  • Budgerigar Normal
  • Zebra Finch Pairs
  • Kakariki – Lutino


  • Dumbo Rat Female
  • Gerbil – Male
  • Syrian Hamster Male
  • Syrian Hamster Female
  • Fancy Mouse Female
  • Mini Lop Rabbit – Female (Vaccinated Eravac)
  • Dumbo Rat Male
  • Guinea Pig Female (Coming Soon)


  • Leopard Danio
  • Zebra Danio
  • White Cloud Mountain Minnow
  • Black Widow Tetra
  • Black Neon Tetra
  • Glowlight Tetra
  • Male Guppy Assorted
  • Female Guppy Assorted
  • Red Platys/Swordtails
  • Bronze Corydora
  • Peppered Corydora
  • Plecostomus
  • Angel Fish
  • Albino Rainbow Shark
  • Siamese Flying Fox
  • Borneo Sucker
  • Golden Honey Gourami
  • Feather Fin Sydontis

Our livestock policy

All livestock is guaranteed from the day of purchase. After purchase the buyer takes full responsibility for the care or the animal.

Should any animal fall ill within a 30 day period, our staff must be notified immediately by telephone or in person. At this time we will advise on appropriate care or seek veterinary advice. We do our very best to identify the sex of the livestock, however mistakes do occur. In this case, where gender has been specified, we will refund or exchange the animal within this period if requested.

In the event of fatality within 30 days of purchase, Angell Pets will offer a full refund or replacement providing that:

Our staff have been notified of the illness immediately.
The animal has been housed correctly and has received appropriate care for the species in line with our recommendations.
Proof of fatality is provided by returning the body to us in good condition.
Any contract entered into between the buyer and their own veterinarian for treatment will be at the buyer’s own discretion. Angell Pets will not be liable for any cost arising from such treatment. By entering into a contract with a third party in this way, without prior consent from Angell Pets, the buyer waives their right to refund or replacement. In the event of dispute between Angell Pets and the buyer in respect of a fatality or illness the vendor’s decision is final.

Licence Holder -Richard Angell

Angell Pets Ltd

Licence No. GCC/AW015

50 thoughts on “Livestock list

  1. Do you sell Marmoset or Capuchin monkeys? I’m a teenage girl who adores animals, especially monkeys. I would love a small monkey to play with and look after. Having a pet monkey has been my dream since I was 4. And now, 10 years later I’m planning to finally raise one as my own. If not no worries but could you let me know if anything happens please?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Clare,
      We have one female left in stock that is ready for sale. We are expecting more in today but they won’t be ready for a few days as we like to make sure they’re okay first.

  2. Hi, I am considering getting a snake (Possibly a Corn Snake or Royal Python as those are apparently quite good for beginners) as I have taken an interest in them after my few small interactions with them, I was wondering if you allow people to hold the snakes or anything of that kind, as my experience with them face to face is limited and I don’t want to rush into something that I may regret. I understand this may not be possible though.

    Thankyou for your time.

    • Hi

      Of course we allow handling of livestock before purchase. You can’t make a sensible decision without it in my opinion.
      Call me on 01452 501882 to discuss.

    • Hi

      Ferrets are seasonal breeders and the breeding season is now over for this year. We only sell our own ferrets and have sold all of this years litters. We will not have more until next year now, end of May at the earliest.

  3. Do you sell gerbilariums or the glass cages that you can keep gerbils in
    i have used the wire cages before for them but i prefer a glass cage as it provides a deep digging space as well as avoidance of wire bars

  4. For any enquiries on what we have in stock or will be getting or for advice on any animal, please use the form on the “Contact Us” page. It is a more efficient and private way of getting a response from us as it flags an email to me rather than me having to trawl through the hundreds of comments submitted daily, the vast majority of which are spam.


    • Hi,
      We currently have 2 females in stock and should be getting more this week/beginning of next week. For any more information please call 01452 501882.


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